Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Intervention

Just wrapped up a solo late-night movie screening in bed and, good lord. This film made me feel ALL SORTS o' things.

I am very much a comedy junkie, especially the embarrassingly dumb kind. Like, I kinda hate it when people ask me what my fave movie is coz their's is always something either artsy and influential or an all-time classic. But me? The Heat. I watched that Melissa McCarthy (love her) Sandra Bullock (LOVE her) movie fucking NINE times, to date. I shit you not.

So anyway the point is that I don't usually make it a point to sit through serious dramas. I legitimately HATE weepy romance films and chick flicks. Stuff like THE NOTEBOOK can all fuck right off to hell coz I reeeeeally don't need that kind of unrealistic crap and cringeworthy cliches about looove in my life. (no offence if u love those movies lol to each their own)

The only reason I even...obtained (*ahem*) this movie was because I saw not only Natasha Lyonne (asides from her role in Orange Is The New Black, i just think she's an amazingly talented actress through and through) but freaking COBIE. SMULDERS, in the god damn movie poster. LIKE. HELLO????

Anything with good ol' ROBIN SCHERBATSKY in it is automatically a must-watch?*??????

*sidenote but i also recently watched a movie called Results which also stars Cobie. straight up awesome movie, highly recommend. i'm not gonna write a whole review about it lol but she plays a fitness instructor in it! good shit.

If you can get past the whiney and hugely annoying character that is Annie (played by Melanie Lynskey)(seriously, that squeaky voice of hers just makes me want to SCREAM)(does not help at all that she plays a complete bitch), I highly, HIGHLY recommend you give this movie a watch.

Bitch in the red cardigan is who you gotta watch out for. Soooooo bloody annoying throughout the whole film omg

BOOM. Damn straight. Cobie fucking slaughtered her lol savageeee

The #1 reason for thinking The Intervention is so great? It's so real.

It's about love, and marriage, and finding romantic companions in life. But it is also 100% authentic.

There are the sweet and borderline cringey moments that comes with puppy love and the infamous Honeymoon Period of every relationship. But they also show you the ugly sides of every partnership. Not just a neat, textbook narrative of a good start, the introduction of a problem, resolution, and happily ever after.

Because not all relationships HAVE a happily ever after, they freaking end! Sometimes in utter flames, too. Many just fail in the problem stage because one, or both parties, decides to throw in the towel!
Seeds of jealousy, insecurity and self-doubt. Not being on the same page as your partner. Outgrowing one another to the point where the two of you can never go back to where you once were.

It's all covered in this 1-and-a-half-hour movie.

Last but not least, the film may be dealing mainly with marriage and long-term relationships for grownups in an age group past 35 or so. But I strongly recommend it to the younger crowd as well.

There's a character named Lola. She's 22 but dating a much older guy who was crushed after losing his former lover. He wants something real, something serious. Something heavy and long-term.

As you would imagine, those things aren't in line with the short- OR long-term plans that a fun-loving, 22-year-old student has for her future.

Really interesting and insightful for me to watch their storyline unfold, as someone who's in that life limbo as well. And also as someone who has a penchant for dating older guys lol

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