Wednesday, 24 August 2016


don't say that you love me, that you miss me
if it's not true within your heart
reluctantly just to pacify me
i'll be deeply hurt if i find out

i want you to leave quietly, without turning back
i'll understand clearly what it is that you want
no need to force yourself to console me
by telling me strange reasons

up til now, i'm still
loving you
是爱情的,友情的 都可以
be it of romance or friendship

it's the bliss that lies within my heart
i know that it feels bitter/difficult

the impact of revisiting a song that was first introduced to your life during childhood.
usually not by choice.
maybe your parents played it in the car long road trips,
maybe an older sibling was blasting it on their walkman and you listened in because you had yet to know any music of your own discovery.

these mandopop songs were brought to my life courtesy of my cousin, 8 years my senior.(coincidentally the same age gap i have as my little sister)
he hung around so much, we practically grew up together and he was like a brother to me.

throughout my childhood and pre-teen years, (his adolescence)
he listened to so much great music in my presence.

i absorbed it all like a sponge.

2001, 2002, 2003 and so on. for about half a decade

thank god for technological advances now, how easy it is now to google a certain string of lyrics and find out about a long forgotten song i used to constantly have stuck in my head

this cyndi wang track, for example
is so tragic lol i can’t.

the lyrics are beyond beautiful. i always feel that chinese songs are akin to poetry.
how do a small handful of characters and single-sounding words come together to sound so perfect,
yet hold so much emotional meaning and colourful stories behind them??

makes me wish i was that much fluent in chinese to be able to create such art.

ok i’ve rambled far enough

pls enjoy this touch of emo love song goodness lol

listen to the song too or i’ll beat you with a bat simply coz it’s a gr8 little tune and i highly recommend it but no biggie if you choose not to!!1

note: somewhat irrelevant but kpop taught me that u don’t need to experience love to produce/perform love songs. those idol group members aren’t even allowed to date, ffs.
anyway. i wonder if this applies to mandopop artists as well? hehe

i know it for sure doesn’t mean that i can’t belt it out with more emotion than a thirsty hippo 1 week before its period*, despite my never being in love before. ever. in my life.


ok bye

*horrific analogy. i’m sorry lol idk what i was thinking

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