Thursday, 29 September 2016

Worldwide Salmon

I just tabao-ed a seared salmon fillet from the Western stall at my neighbourhood hawker centre. It was some fucking good salmon, yo. Each succulent, piscine* chunk of delicate fish flesh that drifted down my gullet only served to remind me of just how much I freaking love...salmon.

And so, here is A Blog Post Entirely Dedicated To Goddamn Salmon; Part 2:  The International Edition.

*Piscine is an adjective that means "of or concerning fish". Pronounced like "pie-seen". I literally did not know of this word until I googled for synonyms to describe my wonderful salmon experience! lol. I should've known tho, being so into horoscopes and all (shout out to all my Pisces peeps). Oh well. U learn something new every day! :D

PERTH | Western Australia

Not a dish that I ate, but these juicy slabs of salmon from Coles just look amaaaazing. And the fact that they're already pre-seasoned and smoked in flavours like Tasmanian Pepper, Tomato & Chilli Chutney, and gosh darn HONEY GLAZE (fuck me i love honey sooooo much)???!! I need... . .. In my life. Please.

BANGKOK | Thailand

Yaaaaaas kween, it's the salmonified continuation of non-Thai food and MORE non-Thai food in Thailand huehuehue

Presenting, the most expensive meal I had in Thailand (excluding the spectacular buffet breakfasts that were part of our accommodation):

This was at Baiyoke Sky Hotel's restaurant and lemme just say, it doesn't look like much. But dat shit was nothing short of LIFE CHANGING.

I've obviously had a fair share of salmon since discovering 2 years ago that I am, in fact, not allergic to it. So you can imagine that I've sampled a few poorly executed ones along the way.

This petite fillet was so superbly cooked, barely teetering between medium rare and perfect doneness. It wasn't too dry, and the middle bits were still soft and dark pink. Sauce was A++, too. I hate it when my salmon has to be doused in some awful, watery mess of a dressing. This cream sauce accompaniment was on point, packed with tonnes of flavour that complemented my fish without overpowering it.

I feel like a maniac writing so passionately about salmon...but it is what it is lol. IT WAS THE BOMB.

Might I just add that the salmon was served atop a bed of blanched spinach. And it all tasted, PHENOMENAL. Can you imagine that? In what world is soggy ass, bland ass, LIMP ASS spinach actually enjoyable?? That's why I think this dish is pure magic.

Fancy drinks completed the atas experience <3

That tall pink mocktail was obscenely overpriced (think the cost of one full kopitiam meal back home) and 80% sugar but somehow it was so addictive and refreshingly tasty!! Spiked with cocaine, perhaps? im kidding lol DONT KILL ME

The meal concluded a night of daytime activities and night shopping in the street markets. I was plum tuckered out. My mum was aching all over. My sis collapsed in her chair for a timely snooze straight after supper. But our bargain buys brought so much satisfaction and the world-class (albeit painfully expensive) meal just sealed the deal.

Damn, that was one helluva good night.

Pit stop after the long journey to the airport, post-checking in and before boarding our flight! At a bustling eatery called Blue Cup Coffee. Thailand really is the Land Of Smiles :))

Salmon was good, nothing to shout about. The glass noodle salad rocked my whole world, though. Not in the sense that it was particularly tasty but because the Thai's generous usage of potent red chilis turned the seemingly innocuous bundle of noodles and shredded veg into a literal inferno.

Chugged a glass of Thai iced tea but there was nothing I could do to quell the monster flames in my mouth...

Still delicious tho <3

PENANG | Malaysia

First thing we ate upon touchdown! Just a simple meal at the food court next to the serviced apartment we were staying at. Obviousssly I had to get some salmon in mah belly as soon as I crossed the border lol

Check out da interesting shape...

Legit, this was the first time in my salmon-loving life to experience it with bones still intact. Not only that, the bones were tiny and APLENTY!! A bitch could've died, yo.

That shit ain't no joke y'all. Spent more time delicately trying to fish (ha ha) the lil killer shards out of my mouth than actually enjoying the dish :')

SINGAPORE | Singapore

And of course, I've had plenty of salmon in my daily life back home in sunny SG. But I'm just gonna pick a random salmon dish I've tucked into recently, and it's this baby one...

blurred my knuckles coz dey hairy af and im quite self conscious ha ha ha /awkwardlaughter
(also dont look at my thumb)(i think i chewed it that's why so fugly)(sorry lah so hungry that day then the salmon like small only)

What. In the WORLD is that lol. I COULD PROBABLY FIT EIGHT OF THOSE DAMN THINGS IN MY MOUTH!! along wit yo man's dick im kidding lol sorry

It came as part of this lovely brunch extravaganza platter for 1 (fries not included), which I shared with my lil sis coz WE BR0KE AS HELL lol tis true :')

Kinda fancy. Presentation wise, anyway. The fact that they ain't even toast their bread is a dead giveaway that this was from an eatery that's pretty #basic. It's from a kopitiam actually. Oh and they used Kraft cheese slices!! BLASPHEMY.

Ahh, well. I know where to turn to if I'm looking to satisfy my colossal salmon cravings...


Chargrill Bar's salmon steaks never fail to titillate my tastebuds :')))

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Us in 2013. Just three years ago*!! Wow, she has grown sooooo freaking much lol you'll see. Shit's crazy, fam.

*see this Dec '13 post for the food we ate at Crystal Jade on the day the above pic was taken. man, i've been blogging for a WHILE lol. makes for some damn good memories <3

Was trawling Tumblr for the lulz late one night and this "There's Always Time To Hug Your Lil Brother" gif came in like a wrecking ball and just hit me in the honey nut feelios™...

Despite what I consider to be a whopping age gap of 8 years, my little sister and I have been thick as thieves since the moment she was born. Mostly because I used to be such a moping loner of a child. As soon as I learned how to speak, I'd literally BEGGED my parents day in and day out for a companion who would have no choice but to have playtime with me lol

[I cannot, for the life of me, fathom what it must be like for the thousands of sibling pairs and groups out there in the world, who don't get along with their brother(s) and sister(s).

Make no mistake, I'm not saying that from a place of malicious judgement. If anything, I have a deep sense of sympathy for people whose familial ties just happen to twist this way. I know it may have stemmed from circumstances beyond their control, and I trust that effort was made to preserve kinship in the purest ways possible.

But I've heard horror stories from my friends where siblings don't give a single shit about the existence of one another. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also siblings who actively sabotage their very own brother/sister in whatever manner, big or small. I honestly can't decide which scenario is the ugliest and most straight-up painful.]

Ok. I went off on a huge fucking tangent there lol. Back on topic!! And the topic is: I LOVE MY SISTER TO BITS. teehee

I've been living apart from my parents and sister for a couple of years, so I only get to see them all once every week on Saturday's family night.

A few weeks ago, the parental units headed to Malaysia for a short getaway/honeymoon v2.0, so I had a whole FIVE days to spend wit ma sissssss <3

Here are some tidbits of our adventures hehehehe

Note: I never planned on writing this post until I chanced upon the emotional gif, so the pics are all pulled from my personal folder of shitty phone camera pics. They're super raw and straight from the heart ok!! So please pardon the quality :)

In conclusion, my sister is amazing and I am grateful as absolute FUCK to have her in my life.

A bond like this ain't something u can just take for granted, y'all ❤❤❤


love love love love love love love love

P.S - she's a giant nerd (#facts) and y'all can follow her on her nerd instagram @ImagineTaters if u wish to lolololol

Brought her to Brother Bird for some soft serve. It was my first time there! Been wanting to try their rice ball (?)/rice donuts since like, last year ffs.

Do try the cookie butter soft serve! VERY cookie butter-y, you can really taste the quality in it. Like they just straight up dumped jars upon jars of Lotus cookie butter into the churning machine to whip up such nice, smooth, creamy swirls of ice cream.

Amazing, really.

We later found this creepy ass goat mural whilst strolling through the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. Well at least I think it's unsettling as hell (LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING)(and those EYES!!!!! oh my word. starin right into me sOUL) but obviously my sister a.k.a Animal Lover #1 (our dad is a vet)(for some reason i never got much of the nature lovin' genes lol i just love wildlife like, the average amount for any human) was thrilled to no end.

I believe she's gonna set this as her whatsapp profile pic.


Ok but forrealz how cute and FASHIONABLE is ma lil sis doeeee?????? *explosion of heart eye emojis*

Rockin' those ankle boots like DAMN...meanwhile i've been wearing the same pair of sequinned platform sandals literally since 2010?? Or, as Kim calls them, "prostitute slippers". ok :'))

Mild perturbation on her face as I dig the stupid goat's nose

We saw a giant peacock mural that was 2 storeys tall as well

Can u pls look at how ELATED she gets upon seeing animals, both real and fake???! LIKE..,? OK.

And this mini goat one! Yup, definitely less creepy than it's mammoth predecessor lol

So many damn murals in that area! Kinda sad that we took that Tiong Bahru tour just one day before my sis and I both caved in to the Pokemon Go hype. The neighbourhood is filled with Poke Stops, that ungodly GOAT FACE mural being one of them. I'm not even kidding omg


WOULD U LOOK AT THIS SHIT lol (yes i returned recently to spin the Goatty McGoatface pokestop hehe

For all the hate it's been getting from a select group of naysayers, Pokemon Go is pretty dope. Downloaded that shit and became addicted within MINUTES. [sidenote: read the article i wrote about Pokemon Go game updates! if u wanna. :D]

Next day's order of business? Heading out to Bugis Mall for the sole purpose of catching some pokey manz huehuehue

Fuelling up!! Gotta love me some Astons' <3

Beef + carbs ON DECK.

My sis enjoyin her iced tea lol ISN'T SHE THE PRETTIEST!!!!!!!!!! Her smile lights up my whole world T^T (she's gonna read this and barf lol i just know it)

We went to a dog cafe after lunch at Aston's but there's a shit ton of pics involved in that activity so I'll leave it for a whole separate post in da future! Stay tuned :)

Headed to Jurong East the next day for Big Box's legendary salmon. I just wanna offer this PSA and warn all 3 of you out there reading this post that IT HAS GONE TO ABSOLUTE SHIT.

Look at this...

What. On earth.

Minuscule portion size. Pathetic piece of cheese slapped on top of salmon, not even melted. Was it even cooked through, tbh? It gave me an upset stomach for hourssss on end afterwards. Not worth it either, considering I was struggling to down each bite.

Fuck my life lol BRING BACK THE PAST BIG BOX SALMON!!!!!! That single meal was unforgettable, man. Been dreaming about it for MONTHS and now it's come to this?? Wow...


At least my sis is all smiles <3

Plus, we got a nice window seat by the afternoon sun so that was lovely!

Note: the pasta she's seen eating was atrociously oversalted too. but she still finished it like a champ coz our momma ain't raised us to waste food!!

Fucking get your act together, Big Box. Jesus.

Random interjection to bring this post back to lighthearted fun: We went to a park during the evening and saw this FATASS of a cat!! I kept telling my sis "if it scratch/bite u then idk hor" coz cats are legit BITCHES. Especially these stray mofos dont know 'em. You dk their story!! But my sis managed to get a few pats in before the fatty calmly strutted away so yeah. it's all good (Y)

Double decker bus fun timezz!!!!!! It's like a budget amusement park ride lol. Especially if u get to sit right at the front :'))

Ok last event before the parental units returned to SG and scooped my lil sis back to their abode lol

Took her to Great World City, one of my favourite places ever. And had brunch at Cedele! One of me fave cafes huehuehuehuehue (when i can afford it)

She reeeally liked the bacon mushroom pasta, and rightly so coz that shit tastes SPECTACULAR.

She slurped the whole plate up and I only got to nick a small forkful's worth so...I had to starve :')

Ain't nobody got the funds to order ANOTHER $20 plate of pasta lmao

Went and bought a corn dog at da supermarket to keep the hunger pangs at bay temporarily, but we wound up splitting it 50/50 as well (the food.....not the cost)(tragically)(LOL jks i was raised on free food from my cousin so now i gotta return da favour for ma sis~~~)

First time trying a corn dog for both my sis and I! Would've loved some condiments on it. Are corn dogs typically enjoyed with ketchup/mustard? Damn, I love the idea of carnivals and stuff. O wait I'm mainly thinking bout all dem food stands lolz

Took a free shuttle bus to Orchard! Yes, for pokemon hunting purposes HAHA

Hooray for saving that couple of bucks on your ez-link :')))


Finna end this post off with a sister selfie that's touristy af

(i look like i just ate 9 different drugs so PLS pardon my face lol)

Look, ma! We at da world famous ION!!!! :D :D

With luxury boutique stores that my pauper ass can't even afford to set foot in lmao

ok bye

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

one day, when my heart is full again, i'll write love letters for someone new.

Was feelin kinda shitty earlier today for no particular reason, as humans do. Life has actually been beyond rosy for the past coupla weeks, so I'm pretty much on standby all the time for the minor upsets that'll keep everything in balance. No harm, no foul. It's just the law of the universe.

Anyway. I decided to pull myself out of this funk by doing something that's quicker, easier, and probably a whole lot cheaper than most cheer-yourself-up methods folks commonly use. I dug out some of the cards and notes I've received over the past year or so. My birthday last year, Christmas '15, my farewell from TSL.

And I just straight up basked in all the warmth and love, emanating from inked scribbles on paper that only becomes more precious with age.

I've always loved writing, that's been clearly established. I also consider myself a highly emotional and expressive person. I feel things on a relatively intense level, and I do like to express my deep affection and appreciation for various people in my life whom I'm blessed enough to have.

Hence, it's only natural that I have a penchant for doling out handwritten notes to my loved ones. Except they always wind up being 7-page long letters about the entire history of us meeting, how much that person has impacted my life, how much I love and treasure him/her, concluded by how I never ever ever ever wanna let them go lol (not even joking)(sadly)

Nowadays I've gone on to type out long ass overly attached, emotional messages to friends on my phone instead. That colossal wall of text on Whatsapp which the chosen recipient will have to scroll through and through...and now we have EMOJIS to further express ourselves! Here, have 17 red love hearts lol. And maybe some water droplets...and the eggplant. ok

I've attended some birthday parties here and there throughout 2016 so far, for which greeting cards are only customary.

But the last time I can recall penning down notes to give to someone for no special occasion at all? Was probably some time in February. Back when I was starting to really fall for that guy. He appeared in my thoughts all the time when I was doing the most mundane of activities. And so I jotted it all down, as a way for me to record what I was feeling during those moments. As well as for him to know what was going on in my heart as our weeks spent together progressed. Man, so much lovey-dovey shit lol. He of course did not reciprocate it all as openly as I did, but it never bothered me. I just felt so, so much. I had to express it somehow. Even if it ended badly, I still got to experience the saccharinity that the notorious "honeymoon stage" brings.

It's nice, isn't it?

Monday, 19 September 2016


Was listening to some good ol' Mamamoo songs* and a tidal wave of Perth'16 nostalgia just hit me like it ain't no thanggg.

Amazing how music has the ability to transport you to a whole 'nother space and time!!

*MAMAMOO songs (with english subtitles!) to check out now if u wanna become a Moo lol (that means radish)(anyway their music is just really good and the girls are wonderful and talented so JUST LISTEN):

Taller Than You (fun ass rap song, will get u feelin bouncy and giggly)
I Miss You (fucking gr8 rnb ballad CRY UNTIL U DIE)
Woo Hoo (cute ass upbeat ditty, will get u loving life like crazy)
You're The Best (same as previous one but more dance-y)
Um Oh Ah Yeh (awesome)
Don't Be Happy (smooth af breakup song)

If u wanna fall in love wit dem girls I recommend watching the music videos for Taller Than You and Um Oh Ah Yeh. Very cute and just a g00d time all in all lol. Ok i'm done

Anyway, here are some random bits and pieces of the wonderful trip. Lettuce reminisce togedaaa <3

Inflight breakfast from Perth back homeeee to da LION CITY.

ver k00l ver swegggg

Joy can be found in the simplest of settings, the most mundane events.

Str8 chillin in the backyard, basking in all that clear winter air and vitamin D. Just watching as the laundry dries in the afternoon sun. Pieces of familiar clothing and bedlinen making its idle rounds, carried by a gentle breeze that almost makes my nipples hard. I'm kidding lol sorry  i got carried away writing all dem descriptionz

Some enchanting snaps of the backyard scenery:

I could pluck, rub and sniff eucalyptus leaves all day, tbh. So grateful for this abundant bush of ever-giving natural Vicks fragrance lol

Australian skies be on that next-level shit. So blue, so vibrant. Clouds always making out works of art each time you look up.

Love love love <3

I probably crammed this entire box of crispy golden FRESH OUT DA FRYER gooey ass muhfuckin CHEESY NUGGETS down my ready and willing gullet with nary a moment's break in between to catch some air. They're so delicious, I tell you! Gosh. I'll never tire of 'em :')))) #truelove

McDonald's offering of fries drowned in guac and salsa. They look downright atrocious coz the box had been left in the car for a good hour or so before I started tucking into them lol SORRY. Still tasted pretty decent tho, guacamole just makes for a good time no matter what.

Would've been a solid 9/10 if the chips had been piping hot and actually crispy. weird fascination with plastic toy babies continues

They're just so smooth and cute and fun to hold, ja feel?


And if you don't agree with me that they're GR8 then quite are just a

sorry lol i thought it was pree funny at the time :'))

These ones, however, were not...

NIGHTMARE FUEL!!!!! .!! !!!1

Who in the actual hell would fork out real human cash dollars for these damned "BABY'S", tho? And for TWELVE BUCKS???????? cmon, fam

i cri evrytim e

aight that's all for now

cya guys next time!

fashion is my passion <3

Friday, 16 September 2016

MEME DUMP (chapter 5)

it's been like more than a month since the last meme compilation. BUT THE LAFFS DONT ST0P!!!!!1  lol

oh look someone wrote a book about me


idk who this man is or what cooking show this is from, but damn. he is SO pure and wholesome

his level of positivity is what i someday hope to achieve lol


forreal doe Nicki is such a source of inspiration?? i swear i get so much shit for even liking her but yo, i used to be a hater too. like, a LEGIT anti. but u need to go beyond the surface of just the butt implants and the crazy wigs and makeup and the provocative music videos. most of all, delve deeper than just other haters have to say about her because most of them are blindly following the criticisms laid out by existing haters!!

check out her albums (i highly recommend The Pinkprint), and look at the lyrics of songs where she details the struggles she's had to overcome in her life. (listen to Bed Of Lies, All Things Go and Grand Piano)(after you're done wiping off them tears, you can shake your booty all night long to Trini Dem Girls lol it's SO GOOD i swear)

she is such a powerful female ethnic representation of strength, character, and not backing down when life throws shit your way.


LOL right???!

HAHAHAHA kinda sad but accurate af

same lol BTW GUYS

my instagram is @RenaeCJC if you aren't following me yet you TOTES should!!!!!1 :) :) :) :) :) :)

u betta.

this is so me tbh lol

dats how it be sometimes

and, last but not least

idk how i could relate to something so random yet specific, but i do.