Monday, 19 September 2016


Was listening to some good ol' Mamamoo songs* and a tidal wave of Perth'16 nostalgia just hit me like it ain't no thanggg.

Amazing how music has the ability to transport you to a whole 'nother space and time!!

*MAMAMOO songs (with english subtitles!) to check out now if u wanna become a Moo lol (that means radish)(anyway their music is just really good and the girls are wonderful and talented so JUST LISTEN):

Taller Than You (fun ass rap song, will get u feelin bouncy and giggly)
I Miss You (fucking gr8 rnb ballad CRY UNTIL U DIE)
Woo Hoo (cute ass upbeat ditty, will get u loving life like crazy)
You're The Best (same as previous one but more dance-y)
Um Oh Ah Yeh (awesome)
Don't Be Happy (smooth af breakup song)

If u wanna fall in love wit dem girls I recommend watching the music videos for Taller Than You and Um Oh Ah Yeh. Very cute and just a g00d time all in all lol. Ok i'm done

Anyway, here are some random bits and pieces of the wonderful trip. Lettuce reminisce togedaaa <3

Inflight breakfast from Perth back homeeee to da LION CITY.

ver k00l ver swegggg

Joy can be found in the simplest of settings, the most mundane events.

Str8 chillin in the backyard, basking in all that clear winter air and vitamin D. Just watching as the laundry dries in the afternoon sun. Pieces of familiar clothing and bedlinen making its idle rounds, carried by a gentle breeze that almost makes my nipples hard. I'm kidding lol sorry  i got carried away writing all dem descriptionz

Some enchanting snaps of the backyard scenery:

I could pluck, rub and sniff eucalyptus leaves all day, tbh. So grateful for this abundant bush of ever-giving natural Vicks fragrance lol

Australian skies be on that next-level shit. So blue, so vibrant. Clouds always making out works of art each time you look up.

Love love love <3

I probably crammed this entire box of crispy golden FRESH OUT DA FRYER gooey ass muhfuckin CHEESY NUGGETS down my ready and willing gullet with nary a moment's break in between to catch some air. They're so delicious, I tell you! Gosh. I'll never tire of 'em :')))) #truelove

McDonald's offering of fries drowned in guac and salsa. They look downright atrocious coz the box had been left in the car for a good hour or so before I started tucking into them lol SORRY. Still tasted pretty decent tho, guacamole just makes for a good time no matter what.

Would've been a solid 9/10 if the chips had been piping hot and actually crispy. weird fascination with plastic toy babies continues

They're just so smooth and cute and fun to hold, ja feel?


And if you don't agree with me that they're GR8 then quite are just a

sorry lol i thought it was pree funny at the time :'))

These ones, however, were not...

NIGHTMARE FUEL!!!!! .!! !!!1

Who in the actual hell would fork out real human cash dollars for these damned "BABY'S", tho? And for TWELVE BUCKS???????? cmon, fam

i cri evrytim e

aight that's all for now

cya guys next time!

fashion is my passion <3

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