Monday, 12 September 2016


Due to the sheer volume of visuals that are going to be featured, this post is mainly going to be a photo log/pic spam kinda dealio, so yeah. Gr8 news for those of y'all who get supremely sick of my gigantic text chunks. Now you can just do the scrolly-scroll whilst reading the short captions! Or not. I don't tell you how to live your life.

Friday 10th June 2016 | Perth, Western Australia

Ahhh, memories~~

Can't believe it's been THREE MONTHS oh god

How does time even work tbh. What is life???

Hell yeah, I wanted to watch some good ol' Magic Mike, AUSSIE HUNKS edition.

Das some good shit lol sign me the FUCK up!!!1

Fremantle Market had some amaaazing baked goodies on offer. I'm talking AMAZING.

In a perfect world, diabetes and obesity would not exist and I would have enough money to buy ALL the sweet treats. With cash to spare lol (sorry i m greedy)(alright fine i'll donate the remainder ok?? jeez.)

Seven bucks for one small thing of a cronut? Fuck me sideways, why don't you. (translation: i can not afford THat!!!!!!)

Savoury cronuts too coz why the heck not!

So gorgeous, oh my word. Look at that pastel-y aqua one speckled with brown cocoa powder. Splendid, much? And the pistachio one is just looking VIBRANT.

Get in ma bellyyyyyy!!

I love me a good meringue omg. And those tiny baby macarons tho!!!!!!!!  /screams

I hope Joyce sees the following image somehow:


it's like ultra hideous but you just can't look away...equally hard to resist is the urge to trace those ungodly gaping crevices with your finger and just.......EURGHH *shiverS*

Some prettiness to cleanse your eyes <3

Try all you may, but this child is swaggier than u will ever be xoxo

He just over there, posin'. He don't give a friggin heck about anythanggg!!

bottom left corner omg LOOK AT DA BABY BABUSHKAS!!!!!!!! HOW SMOL


Adorable and dangerously delicious looking soap kebabsicles. How freaking pretty tho omg I wouldn't even bear to start using 'em!

I love how they were naturally made tho, you can see all the ground up fruit seeds and such!

I ain't even tryna be a creeper but yo...I can't decide which is more beautiful and regal: the shop or the shop owner.

Scorpio representttt, baby.

Yes I'm a slut for horoscopes lol SUE ME!! this point I realised this post is long enough as it is and I'm too lazy to edit + write for 40 more pictures so yeah. See y'all in the next instalment! lol

flawed but prolly still juicy and DELISHIUS (DONT JUDGE) orange to say bye-bye

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