Tuesday, 6 September 2016

hotel shitpost

This is an extension of my hotel love post. Reason being that the pics you're about to see are kinda fugz, and I didn't want it messing with the ~*aesthetic*~ of the main post lol

What to do!! That's what happens when you're equipped with a crappy phone cam as well as the ultimate sense of urgency to wolf down all the glorious hotel buffet food lying oh-so-sexily before you.

But yeah, gr8 memories nonetheless :))

BANGKOK | Baiyoke Sky Hotel

There ain't no better way to start your day than with a hefty heaping of fresh-off-the-griddle bacon, yo. Especially when all the gooey fats have been singed to absolute crispiness. Can you FEEL that crispiness?? CAN U FEEL IT

Eggs scrambled by request (they were a bit overcooked and chewy. i need me a man who can scramble dem eggs like Gordon lol) plus a lil bit of French toast drizzled with maple syrup.

Ahhhh, syrup. Wouldn't mind drowning in you, tbh. <3

My sis just went all-out with the baked goods lol. Personally I prefer an explosion of carbs, as you can see. Got lasagna, spicy macaroni, and a scoop o' fried rice. Keepin it international, ja feel?

Japanese cold potato salad was tasty and refreshing ^_^

Also, I can't get over their adorable little shot glasses omg. Although it was kind of a hassle to get up and refill thy juice once every mouthful, they looked cute af just sittin pretty on the table. And the ultra saturation of the fruit juices be lookin bomb too hehe.


There was a selection of bread you could toast yourself with a swaggy ass HIGH-TECH SLIDEY TOASTER (just a regular toaster probably lol but u kno i m a sua gu) so I got this spinach bread.

Pretty tasty actually! Oh and of course,



someBODY ONCE told me.. .

Lasagna was truly delicious, hence the second helping. I also got a mixture of plain oats and coco puffs coz I just so badly wanted to try out the twisty buffet cereal dispensers lol (what did i tell u abt me being sua gu #1) but they tasted awwwwfulllllll. D;

The coco puffs didn't even taste the least bit coco-y!!!! how dare u

This pudgy qtpie greets u each time u step into da buffet restaurant. THANK U CHEF ANDRE, INDEED I WILL [enjoy my meal]!!!! <3  lol

Ok, that's it for Bangkok buffets hehe

das me onboard Thai Airways flying my ass back to the motherland. (along with the rest of me, obvs)

still wit da now retired sunny side up egg case lol ✌


Gosh darn, I love airplanes and flights in general <3

And one time I actually got assigned this seat:

Fate, much? lol JKS

moving on...

GUANGZHOU | Chimelong Hotel

Squeeze dem buns!! hohoho (they weren't very tasty at all)(but then again i've never been much of a "bao" person)(how very un-chinese of me lol)

♫ u get da beeessssttttt, of both worlds~~~ ♫

Once again, maple syrup tastes phenomenal on absolutely errthang. (pls dont be a smartass and say something like "WUT ABT MAPLE SYRUP ON SHIT??!")

Dat smidgen of creamy butter just melts right into the warm pancakes and waffles doe! Damn, dats some good shit right dere. Sign me the fuck up lol

Breakfast essentials!!


ok very abrupt end to this post i really don't quite know how to finish off so here's me hiding behind A Hotel Wall @ Bangkok

And dis me fresh out the shower

I love everything about hotels lol

But dem luxurious ass giant bathrooms are right up there in my Top 3 Reasons I Love Love Looove Hotels

Freaking love those showers

fuck me in one

what, did somebody say something?? ?

lol okbye

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