Friday, 16 September 2016

MEME DUMP (chapter 5)

it's been like more than a month since the last meme compilation. BUT THE LAFFS DONT ST0P!!!!!1  lol

oh look someone wrote a book about me


idk who this man is or what cooking show this is from, but damn. he is SO pure and wholesome

his level of positivity is what i someday hope to achieve lol


forreal doe Nicki is such a source of inspiration?? i swear i get so much shit for even liking her but yo, i used to be a hater too. like, a LEGIT anti. but u need to go beyond the surface of just the butt implants and the crazy wigs and makeup and the provocative music videos. most of all, delve deeper than just other haters have to say about her because most of them are blindly following the criticisms laid out by existing haters!!

check out her albums (i highly recommend The Pinkprint), and look at the lyrics of songs where she details the struggles she's had to overcome in her life. (listen to Bed Of Lies, All Things Go and Grand Piano)(after you're done wiping off them tears, you can shake your booty all night long to Trini Dem Girls lol it's SO GOOD i swear)

she is such a powerful female ethnic representation of strength, character, and not backing down when life throws shit your way.


LOL right???!

HAHAHAHA kinda sad but accurate af

same lol BTW GUYS

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u betta.

this is so me tbh lol

dats how it be sometimes

and, last but not least

idk how i could relate to something so random yet specific, but i do.

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