Tuesday, 20 September 2016

one day, when my heart is full again, i'll write love letters for someone new.

Was feelin kinda shitty earlier today for no particular reason, as humans do. Life has actually been beyond rosy for the past coupla weeks, so I'm pretty much on standby all the time for the minor upsets that'll keep everything in balance. No harm, no foul. It's just the law of the universe.

Anyway. I decided to pull myself out of this funk by doing something that's quicker, easier, and probably a whole lot cheaper than most cheer-yourself-up methods folks commonly use. I dug out some of the cards and notes I've received over the past year or so. My birthday last year, Christmas '15, my farewell from TSL.

And I just straight up basked in all the warmth and love, emanating from inked scribbles on paper that only becomes more precious with age.

I've always loved writing, that's been clearly established. I also consider myself a highly emotional and expressive person. I feel things on a relatively intense level, and I do like to express my deep affection and appreciation for various people in my life whom I'm blessed enough to have.

Hence, it's only natural that I have a penchant for doling out handwritten notes to my loved ones. Except they always wind up being 7-page long letters about the entire history of us meeting, how much that person has impacted my life, how much I love and treasure him/her, concluded by how I never ever ever ever wanna let them go lol (not even joking)(sadly)

Nowadays I've gone on to type out long ass overly attached, emotional messages to friends on my phone instead. That colossal wall of text on Whatsapp which the chosen recipient will have to scroll through and through...and now we have EMOJIS to further express ourselves! Here, have 17 red love hearts lol. And maybe some water droplets...and the eggplant. ok

I've attended some birthday parties here and there throughout 2016 so far, for which greeting cards are only customary.

But the last time I can recall penning down notes to give to someone for no special occasion at all? Was probably some time in February. Back when I was starting to really fall for that guy. He appeared in my thoughts all the time when I was doing the most mundane of activities. And so I jotted it all down, as a way for me to record what I was feeling during those moments. As well as for him to know what was going on in my heart as our weeks spent together progressed. Man, so much lovey-dovey shit lol. He of course did not reciprocate it all as openly as I did, but it never bothered me. I just felt so, so much. I had to express it somehow. Even if it ended badly, I still got to experience the saccharinity that the notorious "honeymoon stage" brings.

It's nice, isn't it?

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