Thursday, 29 September 2016

Worldwide Salmon

I just tabao-ed a seared salmon fillet from the Western stall at my neighbourhood hawker centre. It was some fucking good salmon, yo. Each succulent, piscine* chunk of delicate fish flesh that drifted down my gullet only served to remind me of just how much I freaking love...salmon.

And so, here is A Blog Post Entirely Dedicated To Goddamn Salmon; Part 2:  The International Edition.

*Piscine is an adjective that means "of or concerning fish". Pronounced like "pie-seen". I literally did not know of this word until I googled for synonyms to describe my wonderful salmon experience! lol. I should've known tho, being so into horoscopes and all (shout out to all my Pisces peeps). Oh well. U learn something new every day! :D

PERTH | Western Australia

Not a dish that I ate, but these juicy slabs of salmon from Coles just look amaaaazing. And the fact that they're already pre-seasoned and smoked in flavours like Tasmanian Pepper, Tomato & Chilli Chutney, and gosh darn HONEY GLAZE (fuck me i love honey sooooo much)???!! I need... . .. In my life. Please.

BANGKOK | Thailand

Yaaaaaas kween, it's the salmonified continuation of non-Thai food and MORE non-Thai food in Thailand huehuehue

Presenting, the most expensive meal I had in Thailand (excluding the spectacular buffet breakfasts that were part of our accommodation):

This was at Baiyoke Sky Hotel's restaurant and lemme just say, it doesn't look like much. But dat shit was nothing short of LIFE CHANGING.

I've obviously had a fair share of salmon since discovering 2 years ago that I am, in fact, not allergic to it. So you can imagine that I've sampled a few poorly executed ones along the way.

This petite fillet was so superbly cooked, barely teetering between medium rare and perfect doneness. It wasn't too dry, and the middle bits were still soft and dark pink. Sauce was A++, too. I hate it when my salmon has to be doused in some awful, watery mess of a dressing. This cream sauce accompaniment was on point, packed with tonnes of flavour that complemented my fish without overpowering it.

I feel like a maniac writing so passionately about salmon...but it is what it is lol. IT WAS THE BOMB.

Might I just add that the salmon was served atop a bed of blanched spinach. And it all tasted, PHENOMENAL. Can you imagine that? In what world is soggy ass, bland ass, LIMP ASS spinach actually enjoyable?? That's why I think this dish is pure magic.

Fancy drinks completed the atas experience <3

That tall pink mocktail was obscenely overpriced (think the cost of one full kopitiam meal back home) and 80% sugar but somehow it was so addictive and refreshingly tasty!! Spiked with cocaine, perhaps? im kidding lol DONT KILL ME

The meal concluded a night of daytime activities and night shopping in the street markets. I was plum tuckered out. My mum was aching all over. My sis collapsed in her chair for a timely snooze straight after supper. But our bargain buys brought so much satisfaction and the world-class (albeit painfully expensive) meal just sealed the deal.

Damn, that was one helluva good night.

Pit stop after the long journey to the airport, post-checking in and before boarding our flight! At a bustling eatery called Blue Cup Coffee. Thailand really is the Land Of Smiles :))

Salmon was good, nothing to shout about. The glass noodle salad rocked my whole world, though. Not in the sense that it was particularly tasty but because the Thai's generous usage of potent red chilis turned the seemingly innocuous bundle of noodles and shredded veg into a literal inferno.

Chugged a glass of Thai iced tea but there was nothing I could do to quell the monster flames in my mouth...

Still delicious tho <3

PENANG | Malaysia

First thing we ate upon touchdown! Just a simple meal at the food court next to the serviced apartment we were staying at. Obviousssly I had to get some salmon in mah belly as soon as I crossed the border lol

Check out da interesting shape...

Legit, this was the first time in my salmon-loving life to experience it with bones still intact. Not only that, the bones were tiny and APLENTY!! A bitch could've died, yo.

That shit ain't no joke y'all. Spent more time delicately trying to fish (ha ha) the lil killer shards out of my mouth than actually enjoying the dish :')

SINGAPORE | Singapore

And of course, I've had plenty of salmon in my daily life back home in sunny SG. But I'm just gonna pick a random salmon dish I've tucked into recently, and it's this baby one...

blurred my knuckles coz dey hairy af and im quite self conscious ha ha ha /awkwardlaughter
(also dont look at my thumb)(i think i chewed it that's why so fugly)(sorry lah so hungry that day then the salmon like small only)

What. In the WORLD is that lol. I COULD PROBABLY FIT EIGHT OF THOSE DAMN THINGS IN MY MOUTH!! along wit yo man's dick im kidding lol sorry

It came as part of this lovely brunch extravaganza platter for 1 (fries not included), which I shared with my lil sis coz WE BR0KE AS HELL lol tis true :')

Kinda fancy. Presentation wise, anyway. The fact that they ain't even toast their bread is a dead giveaway that this was from an eatery that's pretty #basic. It's from a kopitiam actually. Oh and they used Kraft cheese slices!! BLASPHEMY.

Ahh, well. I know where to turn to if I'm looking to satisfy my colossal salmon cravings...


Chargrill Bar's salmon steaks never fail to titillate my tastebuds :')))

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  1. I didn't know that Coles did smoked salmon fillets. I love eating salmon too and I relish in it when I cook a fillet perfectly. My best friend eats smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches all the time.