Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Wassup, party people.

A few weeks back, I went to a popular local dog cafe called We are the Furballs (also known as W.T.F). Dog cafe as in, a place for you to pet a bunch of dogs. Not just a regular ol' cafe where people are allowed to bring the dogs that they own.

It was my first time at W.T.F, as well as any type of pet cafe in general.

Imma spam you guys with a selection of photos taken during my 2 hours there. Please enjoy the cuteness (referring to the dogs, of course. not myself LOL) and at the end of this post I will talk about my experience and whether or not I'd recommend it.


Target acquired...

sniff sniff here...

sniff sniff there... (ignore the random ass foot that's laying there lookin like it was straight up SEVERED lol)

One of the cutest, most docile and well-behaved ones in my opinion. LOVE HIM SO MUCH

HE SO SOFT!!!!!!!

Climbing on me omg. THANK U FOR FINDING ME WORTHY  T^T


Wagging its tail goodbye and giving me one final look of farewell as he walks away from me...I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!!!!!!!  D;

Partially successful attempt at cuddling this fatass of a frenchie

Legit lol his name is Bui Bui (which literally translates to Fat Fat)

Why, hello there.

A corgi named Waffles (lol) was hands down the most hyper, friendly and energetic fellow there. LOVE HIM

Got your nose!! My sister visibly chuffed lol

Dem eyes lighting up with sheer, unadulterated joy upon spotting food, doe. same as me seeing a guy in the vicinity wearing gray joggers loljks (but really)

it looks like a freaking meatloaf here HAHAHA what the dong


my sis layin' down the dog discipline like it ain't no thang lol LOOK AT THAT FINGER. such authority

and the dog walkin away from my sis immediately afterwards hahaha. prolly off to find someone else to give it treats, tsk. these bitches ain't loyal


Alright. Time for some real talk.

Please know that I absolutely LOOOVE dogs and I've been wanting to visit a proper dog cafe for the longest time.

Excitement and anticipation at an all-time high when the date finally rolled around where I could visit W.T.F, I decided to check out their Facebook page first. After reading through a bunch of the reviews left by past visitors, majority of the concerns seemed to be:

  1. Rude staff
  2. Dogs not paying attention to you throughout the 2 hours, hence not being worth the money.

With those expectations in mind, here's what really went down for me when I visited.

1. I honestly was intimidated by the claims of rude staff coz I freaking DETEST bad service. I always try to be courteous to service staff, but it seems like I say "please" and "thank you" more often to them than the other way round.

Thankfully, the girls who were manning the W.T.F counter were super duper pleasant. I'm talking warmth and pleasantry BEYOND the average standards. And the lady who introduced my sister and I to each of the dogs was incredibly patient and friendly!

So yeah. Fuck those people who complained about bad service. Or...the girls got wind of the bad reviews and switched up their attitudes lol. Either way, they were nothing but wonderful to interact with.

2. I just wanna say that...The first 30 minutes or so of my visit there, I was totally bummed out. Not a single one of the dogs even came close enough to my physical space for me to give them a gentle pat.

They will not give a single shit about you unless you feed them.

I eventually caved in and decided to purchase the dog food coz I knew that my other choice would just be to sit and OBSERVE the damn creatures for the rest of my time. Definitely not what I paid for!

So yeah. Bought the lil baggies of food ($3 for a small pouch that can last you 45 minutes if you properly ration them out. my sis gave 'em out like it was Christmas and her pouch was emptied in 10 mins lol LEARN FROM HER MISTAKE PLS)(buy 3 bags, get 1 free. i highly recommend taking on this deal lol DO IT FOR THE DOGGOS) and those crazy canines came sniffin' my whole body up within seconds.

Feeding them makes for a really fun time anyway. Just be prepared to go in with enough cash for the additional dog food charge.

Oh ya, last but not least. Even if YOU have food, so do the other visitors. So the special little doggo whom you thought you'd bonded with will ditch you in a literal heartbeat for some other bitch who came swaggering in an hour after you. Remember that.


I'm still hurtin'. <3

Details for those who wish to visit:

Address: #07-07 Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

Opening hours: 1 pm to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday,
12.30 pm to 10.30 pm on Friday and Saturday

Contact: 6509 1186

Check their Facebook page for more deets :D

They do accept walk-ins, but my advice would be to call them up a day or two in advance to make an appointment to avoid getting turned away at the door! Especially if it's during the holidays. School vacations and such, y'know? Stinking kids running all over the place being their rowdy annoying selves.

I'm KIDDING. lol

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