Friday, 28 October 2016

eat this

Here as promised with the sexy food pics taken wit ma handy dandy phone ;D

*do note that some pics might not be that skilfully taken as i was very much likely to have been a Hungry Hungry Hippo and did not have the patience nor physical fuel within me to execute a shot of instaworthy standards lel


I fucking love Genki.

Other than the obviously SCRUMPTIOUS sushi and non-sushi but equally delicious dishes, their train delivery system is soooooo much fun lol. Judge me for being easily amused but gahd DAMN. Each time my food comes zooming down the delivery track str8 from da takes me on a ride lol

not even kidding.


Don't skimp on the special flavoured pepper, either. We all gon die, ma. Might as well OD on the artificial seasoning while we're here on this earth 8)

Errbody st0p what dey doin and marvel @ this TORCHED SALMON ABURI draped over UNAGI MAKI.

As it turns out, I am slightly allergic to eel? So I wound up feelin quite sick after this. But ok. WORTH IT lol


Can you imagine it was my very first time trying banh mi? Good lord, have I been missin out!!

Something about that crispy ass baguette and the sriracha hot sauce is just...*insert heart eye emoji*

Vietnamese style iced coffee. Strong af, TASTY AF. Loveddddd it

Pho wit my lil sis on a separate occasion <3


Crispy pumpkin chunks and lotus root slices, deep-fried in a salted egg yolk batter. Was good but a tad rich :\

The garlic stir-fried veggies in the background were dope tho. Amazing how such yumminess can be achieved with no-frills ingredients and cooking techniques :')

Pork ribs coated in salted egg yolk sauce! Look at that goddamn golden glistening...BRUH


Random plate of carbonara I had. Not the most photogenic but FUCK, it's good. Abundant in lean bacon too, which automatically gets an A+++ from me (Y)

Y'all really gotta drop by the nearest Dolce Tokyo and savour their lunchtime deals. If I'm not wrong, it's a little over $12 after GST and service charge. And you get a tasty ass main dish (plate of pasta being one of them. other choices include MEAT or PIZZA. very worth it) plus a soft serve as dessert!! They either serve you vanilla (my fave) or matcha ice cream. They don't tell you which one, and I don't think you can choose. What a neat little surprise lol!! (yes, back at it again with the amusement from lil things heh)

I've eaten their for lunch soooo many times, and it is INSANELY worth it. Ridonkulously g00d food in a cozy ass setting. Also, they play SUPER good music.

I'm getting so excited now on behalf of all y'all. Here you go, the list of outlets is available on their Facebook page. U betta get on dat good shit OR ELSE.

lol cheap + good food gets me fuckin hYPED im sorry

My sister's Dolce Tokyo lunch set CHICKEN CURRY BAKED RICE.


The portion size is freaking solid!!!! THOSE BIG MEATS

Update: in between typing this draft and seeing it through to completion, i actually went to eat Dolce Tokyo's lunch special AGAIN lol. told y'all i can't get enough of that cheap, yummy, good ass filling shit!

Snapped a proper pic of their lunch promo menu too :)

Go out and savour it for yourselves!!

Pepperoni pasta in my all-time favourite sauce: TOMATO CREAM <3

My sister's chicken and chips!

And here are the delectable soft serves as part of the set :)

Scoff at the puny size if you will, but after the main course, you'll probs be fully up anyHWAY~~!

Alright you guys, go get well-fed and save some money while yer at it!!  :*

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