Saturday, 8 October 2016

meme me. meme me HARD.

It's been a while since the last meme compilation. Lettuce begin!

Finally. A soup for me lol

in which i have absolutely no self control and can only hope for the best lol

well if this ain't the goddamn tory of my life :'))

how...freaking... . .. . .  . .ADORABLE!!!!!!! oh my word

LOL i can't say that this is #relatable but it is pretty fucking hilarious. look how chuffed (and quite possibly stuffed, as well) that guy looks!! so happy for him :D

the downfall of technology lol


This is really just straight up terrifying haha WHAT THE DONG!!!!!!

Fun fact: i had my first Furby (the old school 90s original one) when i was a wee little girl and i loved it very much. to the point where i wanted to make sure it was well-fed, properly hydrated and as happy as its microchipped emotions could possibly be lol

so i did what any sensible person would do with an electronic toy, and used a small ice cream spoon to FEED IT TAP WATER.

yas, i shovelled actual water into it's creepy plastic mouth. lots of it, actually.

i still remember the scene so vividly, for some reason.

i was sitting in the living room of my childhood home, playing wit ma Furby oh-so-contentedly. my mum was washing some dishes in the kitchen. daddy-o was chillin on the sofa after a long, surely exhausting day at work bringing home the bacon.

and there i was, having so much fun and completely unaware that i was causing damage to a precious toy that was VERY EXPENSIVE, by the way.

anywho, it short-circuited soon enough and as if it wouldn't be bad enough for the damn thing to just die and be 100% broken, it actually went on functioning for a few more weeks after that. but the water damage to the system caused Furby to speak in demon-like tones, often times in the middle of the goddamn night when no one even got close enough to triggering its switches.

yup. that was a nightmare.

/end of story time/


suh kewt <3

relatable as ALL HELL

mmmHMMMMM y i always gotta do dat ?? -_-

honestly did not see that coming lol w0w


very relatable.

usually Engrish fails have zero impact on me but i laffed like a muhfucka at this for 7 mins straight lol BINBOWS!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

"michaelsoft" omfg sameeee

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