Sunday, 23 October 2016

a whole new world~~

...where all the phone pics are crisp, and clear~~ ♫

lol ok so my mobile subscription plan recently got renewed, which meant I could /officially/ retire the Sony Xperia C3 I got for me 19th burfdaeeee. And get myself a swanky new FAKE iPHONE INSTEAD!!

huehuehue ok so it's an OPPO phone. but before y'all start barfing all over the place, this lean, mean piece o' machine is actually performing VERY decently so far!

I'm too lazy to talk about the specs, so just take my word for it that it's been serving me well like A Good Phone™ should!

I've also been harbouring secret desires to own an iPhone ever since like, 2013. EVEN THO I HATE APPLE PRODUCTS!! /exclaimed as i type away on my Macbook Pro ©/ (NO FAIR OK I WAS FORCED TO BUY THIS OVERPRICED DINKLE DONG FOR SCHOOL PURPOSES) #medialyfe

Never been financially secure enough to part ways with the amount of cash needed for an iPhone, so this iPhone-lookalike really is the next best thing lol

rose gold!! pretty AF <3 (the pinkish tones are a lil more vibrant irl hehe)

already dropped it on the second day of usage (go figure) but thankfully the complimentary jelly casing from M1 cushioned the fall. That shit bounced right off my bedroom floor lol /as my heart stopped and i screamed like a banshee/

even the camera is like a visual knockoff of iPhone's lmao. no complaints doe!!

So yeah. Stay tuned and look forward to some sexy food shots that'll have a HUGEEE quality difference as compared to the other phone pics you're used to seeing on this blog!!

so eggciting hehehe ^_^

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