Wednesday, 12 October 2016

imagine a platypus wearing a tux. [Fancy Food @ Platypus Kitchen]

A couple years back, I blogged about a family meal I had at Bugis Junction that was just so gosh darn, FRICKIN' fancy, I went on to have wet dreams about the restaurant's exquisite offerings for months and months to come.

never knew i'd talk about wet dreams and my family in the same sentence, but ya. also i tend to have pretty extreme run-on sentences so anything is possible, really.

You can really tell that it took place ages ago because back then, I still avoided salmon like it was the black plague, believing that I was allergic to it just like I am to white fish. SALMON!! The one true love of my life (not really lol that would be Sad)! Can you imagine??

As f8 (that's "fate" for you un-hip, millennial folk lol)(im kidding, no offence) would have it, the restaurant still exists to this very day! Only at a different part of the mall altogether, having undergone a swanky renovation as well.

Forrealzies, it's that level of fanciness where I get HELLA intimidated about even setting my foot in their plush premises.

It's like, are the service staff all able to smell just how fucking poor I am? Like...Imma be able to pay for this meal without having to scrub dishes in the back til closing time, but is it obvious that I will then be bankrupt and depending on a diet of plain white rice and longkang water for the next 3 months?

The vibes of Platypus Kitchen (such a cute name teehee) also make it perfect for a cozy date night. Except I'm perpetually single and lonely and bitter AF, so I decided to treat my beloved lil sis to a meal there instead! :D

/all while lamenting to her how goddamn TIRED i am of always coming so close to but never being able to successfully find love...but that's beside the point lol/

Ma sista's classic Carbonara! Linguine in "smoked egg creme" (does that not sound abso-fucking-lutely delicious to you??) with a sprinkling of bacon and a delightful onsen egg. Looks kinda plain but hot DAMN, that sauce was somethin' else. Very flavourful indeed. I actually lapped it all up with a spoon after my sis was done with everything else and still had leftover sauce.

I had to fight a grand total of 3 different servers who politely asked if they could clear the "empty" plate. Nah fam, clearly I gotta lick up every last drop of the good stuff and save the dishwasher the hassle.

A lil bit embarrassing but still. Totes worth it lol

My Beef Ragu Pappardelle! Was just craving something hearty and MEAT-FILLED. Can't say I was disappointed, but the flavour wasn't as robust as I'd like. Bursting that wonderful, maximum jiggle onsen egg was gr8 coz the flood of egg yolk coated the entire dish with an added level of richness. But taste wise, I had to lend a lot of flavours from the bottle of homemade hot sauce on the table, as well as my sister's amazing carbonara sauce heh.

Overall a good meal in an ultra lovely environment! Although I feel like the food from my previous trip was way better :) By leaps and bounds, even.

Guess I gotta try more of the Platypus Kitchen's offerings soon, to get a better gauge of the place! huehuehue /some mad hinting going on lol JKS!! hehe/

Look how joyous she looks!! lol

I think it's coz she was simply awestruck by the perfectly executed onsen egg hahaha

Same, lil buddy. Same.

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