Sunday, 16 October 2016


I cannot believe that.........after MONTHS of playing Pokemon Go like a maniac.....and not having so much as SEEN a goddamn Snorlax in any of the [minimum 7] exotic locations I'd traversed for the SOLE purpose of catching some rare Pokey Manz...............

I finally got one.

Through walking 10 solid kilometres lol

WORTH IT!!!!!!!


In between the first blogged mention of my PoGo craze and now, I actually went through a solid THREE WEEKS or so where I didn't even touch the game. Something about having to write an article about it just snuffed out all the interest I had in Pokemon Go.

Still, I left the application lingering in my phone. Never finding it necessary to press "uninstall". Perhaps I knew in my heart all along, that the spark would be rekindled soon enough~~ ♡

And yes I am well aware of how tragic it is that I'm THIS obsessed with Pokemon Go...when a solid 80% or more of the once active players have already fallen off the bandwagon and never looked back.

Let me flex my gym wins's all i have to brag about now :'))

Ffs, half of my entire Instagram profile has been hijacked by supremely loser-ish, unnecessarily overexcited posts of my Pokemon sightings lmao. While the rest of my peers upload pics of them hanging out with loved ones, getting turnt up in various nightlife scenes...fucking RELATIONSHIP GOALS of them smooching their boyfriends (*rolls eyes but secretly im bitter af and if i had a significant other, best believe i'd be posting cute and nauseating snaps of us all day err day*) and whatnot.

Another 10 km egg hatch that had me pretty darn chuffed. It happened while I was about to cross the road to go to my campus and is2g I almost shat my pantaloons right there and then.. .

It's ridiculous and as soon as this season of PoGo blows over, I'll look back at all this and realise I was crazy. But as of now, this is just where my life's at lol

and it's pree fun
and gets me out of the house
and into the glorious SUNSHINE
(yaaaas, bask in all dat vitamin D)
so i ain't even mad :)

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