Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Guys!!!!! This is so exciting for me to share: my Halloween article has gone live!! GO READ IT!!!!! GO lol

Of course I found some way to whore out my undying love for Pokemon Go lol. Also, fun fact but I very recently smashed a guy who legit had the Typhoon Pau Auntie set as his iPhone wallpaper lmao. hi jonathan, if you're reading this. 


This article has such a special place in my heart because the whole concept of "Singaporeanised halloween costumes" along with the Polyvore-style outfit collages started out as just an idea I had last year when I was a lil junior editorial intern :)

I mentioned it to my editors casually during lunch, not even in a formal pitching session or anything.

Also faced with the challenge of having to dedicate huge chunks of time to this organic article on top of the advertorials I was writing, it seemed verging on impossible to complete all the write-ups AND visuals in time for the halloween season.

Long story short, I decided to work on this baby of mine outside of work hours. Slogging away on photoshop late into the night as I munched on high-fat, deep-fried sugary snacks lol. Very healthy (Y)

When it was released, I was stokeddd.

It didn't go viral per se, but just seeing the glorious fruits of my labour made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

PLUS! Not to toot my own horn here or anything, but I had many a friend AND anonymous reader giving me feedback that they thought the article was funny!!! Hoo lord. Nothing gets me chuffed more than knowing I was able to make someone else smile or laugh :')))

The 2015 halloween article is here if you'd like to peruse it too!


365 days later; still being a part of TSL, still getting to carry forward my "legacy" of silly halloween costumes lol. I really am so so grateful!!

Thank you to each and everyone of y'all kind folks out there who read my work :))

And thank you NOW for reading this blog of mine!! U MAKE ME SO HAPPYYYYYY AHH!!!!

hashtag BLESSED

luv y'all~~

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