Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Oh, Happy Days. (October's Final Weekend Part 1/2)

Random snaps from two weeks ago, a very happy time indeed! Kickstarted the weekend with a half-day photoshoot out at Tiong Bahru neighbourhood with a new friend I'd made at one of TSL's events. We then proceeded to the famously colourful HDB blocks at Rochor. The whole series of flats is gonna be torn down soon, and I'd never been there prior to this! Can you imagine.

Caesar salad at ARC cafe. That soft-boiled (sous vide? i can't rmb) egg was on some other shit, yo. It looks like a freaking FLOWER. Was pretty darn delicious on the whole.

We also had a tiramisu served in a flower pot. Gimmicky, but it tasted pree solid anyway so I shall excuse it!

(i took IG stories of the Rochor buildings but i didn't save the vids before they expired...fucking dumb lol im sorry about it)

ARC's mural. I took this screenshot from my IG story, sorry for laosai quality hahaha


The subsequent day was spent shooting more pics at Dakota Crescent, a really quaint and quiet old neighbourhood with one of the last remaining vintage playgrounds in Singapore. Went into the vacant lots that people used to call home, and it was all grunged out with hilarious graffiti (you shall see later lol).

such pretty much w0w

I hardly ever go ~out n about~ in an active way like this. Most of the time I hang out with my friends and family by finding a nice eatery, sitting my ass down for the duration of the meal, perhaps wandering around an airconditioned mall for a willy while and that's it.

Sought respite at a tiny ass cafe. Their cakes looked rather swaggy!

Got myself a rose syrup latte but the one at Hatched* is still better by light yearsssss.

*Read thru my own old post before hyperlinking. Can't believe it's been 9 months since I was gifting suggestive cards to a rando whom i thought was The One i was gonna spend the rest of my life with. lol! did y'all know i felt him so damn fucking much i was ready to work my ass off to support his unambitious, dropout, 4-years-older-than-me, almost always jobless self? smh. ANYWAY.


Vibes were on Pointé for str8 chillin, doe. :)


Friday and Saturday spent roaming around the island was gr8. Wonderful conversation (i really appreciate so much when i meet new people who are genuinely nice and smart and a joy to talk to), a lot of laughs, we had really good food and coffee! Oh yeah, the photoshoot itself was fun af too coz I got to let loose and bop to my playlist in public, something I pretty much never do coz I am self-conscious as fuck.

I can't even let my mum take an OOTD of me in a public setting if some strangers happen to walk by and see me lol. I will think they're judging me...CONFIRM.


As promised, here are some of the best, most top notch quality graffiti works I've ever stumbled upon, in the abandoned homes of Dakota.

Take some time to admire the curvature of the testes. So precise, you can just TELL the artist had mad skillz!

tfw u gangsta as hell but can't spell for shit

I am really sorry if you find this offensive (i showed it to my mum and she certainly was lol i almost got slapped) but I straight up laughed for 9 years when I first saw it.

Ya, my sense of humour is super sophisticated, innit?

Hurhur this post is gettin a tad long so I shall continue some other time.

Ciao, y'all~~


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