Sunday, 6 November 2016

Give the time, some time.

There's an anti-suicide quote I have saved in my Macbook notes since the beginning of last year, back when I was just getting on my feet from a harrowing ordeal of depression and anxiety that lasted for the better part of half a decade.

During the last weekend or so...for the final week of October, I felt a deep and truly frightening sense of giving up on life. For the first time in what I can safely say has been a while.

And with the still healing wounds so fresh, I can add to the above quote with personal belief and assuredness: "you never know how close your Best Day Ever is, just waiting to come into your life after the Worst".

To say "it gets better" is a given, but setbacks will also be aplenty.

Especially when you work so hard just to survive and get through the shitty days unscathed, a one-step-forward, two-steps-back scenario might very well push you to want to just give up.

But when the dark clouds recede and your skin feels the warm relief of basking in the sunlight, I'll be damned that you won't feel glad and grateful as fuck to have weathered the seemingly impossible storm.