Saturday, 19 November 2016

Swag Fuck (jks lol i talk about waffles & desserts ☺)

I feel like, other than the emo ass posts I have to write for myself because of the catharsis they provide, I haven't been blogging here as much as I'd like to :(

Also not including the meme dumps lah, of course. lol

I think I've been too burdened by the concern that each of my posts should be immaculate and oh-so-polished. That they should be at the standard of hipster Tumblr blogs or the pages of a Kinfolk magazine, ffs.

Well, you're not gonna find any of that here!

Back to shitposting :)

Back to sharing tidbits of my life with you, mysterious reader who has somehow stumbled upon my little piece of the vast interwebz (perhaps because of the fact that i shamelessly plug my own blog on all platforms of social media every single fuckin chance i get lmao).

Back to overenthusiastically rambling on about my joys, my loves, and all the delicious food I ate. Without feeling the need to self-censor.

Headed to this new cafe in the Tanjong Pagar area coz my friend jio-ed me out on a whim. I'd literally just woken up from a nap 5 minutes prior to his message! But it's all good, I just had to freshen up, take a dump (im sorry lol MY TUMMY WASNT FEELIN VERY WELL IDK WHAT TO TELL U), throw one some pantaloons and off I went!

Love me some spontaneous plans, sometimeszxc :)

(not all da time doe if not my introverted ass self will implode)

Matcha waffles! Green coz #shrekaesthetic lol

shrek is luv shrek is lyfe <3

The cafe is called Kosnica (have no idea why it's named that. i even tried Googling the definition of the word. if u happen to know, pls offer me some insight! lol) and it was literally a 2-day old baby when we dropped by! It hadn't even opened to the public ~officially~, I think. Damn. I was feelin rather special to be real honest HAHA.

jks. sorry. my life is an embarrassment :')

They specialise in waffles and ice cream. I gotta be honest with you, the ice cream isn't of the BEST quality. But damn, that pink-blue swirly concoction on the left really stole my frickin' heart.

It's called bubblegum cotton candy, I think. And holy shit, it really does taste like the Hubba Bubba bubblegum rolls!!

Such a tastebud #throwback, man. I used to chew on dat shit all the damn time as a kid, huehuehue :'))

Kosnica also has a pretty exciting array of cakes and pastries. Most of them are going for $5 each, which I think is quite a steal! Considering most hipster cafes be charging $8.90 for a slice of shitty rainbow cake or whatnot. Fuck that!!! lol

Hands down what sold the cafe for me: FREE. FLOW. MAPLE SYRUP.


They have honey too, which is pretty bomb.

I mean, we were kinda their first customers EVER so the syrup jars were all clean and pristine. But you just KNOW that a month or two down the road, pop by and the jars will be completely REKT by the hundreds of customers walking in and out each day just pouring it all messily like imbeciles lmao

Yes I really do have very little faith in my fellow cafe patrons xoxo

Finna end off this post with...

Broccoli* soft toy!! and that fucking lobster lol whaaat

*At the time of writing, the song "Broccoli" by D.R.A.M. is #26 on Spotify's global chart and steadily on the RISE. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the appeal of this "rap" song?? If you can even call it that.

Rich Chigga, on the other hand? /heart eye emoji/ /100 emoji/

/water droplets emoji/ lol

Dat $tick is my freakin JAM.

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