Wednesday, 2 November 2016

LOLA'S. muhfuggin. CAFE.

I feel like I'm only about 16% into the cafe-hopping scene. In the sense that I thoroughly LOVE eating at hipster cafes (when my finances allow me to, anyway), but rather than venturing far and wide to try new spots on a regular basis, I pretty much stick to the handful of cafes that I already know and love.

Now, Lola's Cafe is a familiar name that has been thrown around a lot whenever cafe-hopping is discussed amongst my peers. My friend Ian (who had a stint at Stranger's Reunion as well) also worked there for a bit. So I certainly know of Lola's Cafe's existence.

But to really go there and experience for myself the food, the atmosphere, the decor and just the vibes in general...hoo boy.


Avocado Eggs Benedict ($14)(which i reckon is a STEAL, btw)(look at the bloody aesthetics of it all omg that alone qualifies for 500 stars)

u kno i be all abt dat #avocadolyfe. the brioche was somethin' else, too. most ridiculously tasty bread i've ever had the pleasure of shoving down my gullet. it stayed fluffy throughout and didn't even get soggy with the dripping Hollandaise sauce and oozing egg yolk! WHAT. how??? (witchcraft.)


It was one of my best cafe experiences to date.

Food was beyond stellar, and VERY reasonably priced in my opinion (less than 20 bucks for a solid, ultra filling dish), considering the sheer quality and care that they put into cooking and presentation.

Golden egg yolk flowing out like sex lava.......ya lol

I've been so accustomed to shoddy cafe food standards who think they can get away with it just coz they have a fancy hipster image. Your branding and concept may be solid but if your food is trash? Sorry but I'm never coming back. Especially if it cost a bomb!!

The food at Lola's Cafe was so exquisite, I really had to hold an audible gasp when the lovely waitress first brought it to the table. Plated so beautifully, generous serving and each bite was a delight!

Joyce's Breakfast Butter Croissant ($15)! Stuffed abundantly with scrambled eggs (HELL yea), pork ham, honey bacon (DROOOOLZ) and cheddar cheese!


I was really so goddamn happy with my time at Lola's. It goes without saying, but their coffee offerings were A+. Oh, and the music they play is THE BOMB!! Literally song after song was something that actually belonged on my own playlist.

I fucking love Lola's Cafe now lol. Lemme return like another 10 times in the next few months so that I can really sample every wonderful thing they have on offer lol

(i sound like such a fangirl wtf. so embarrassing. can i chill)


UPDATE: I did it. I went and did it lmao WHAT DID I TELL YOU!!!!!

So the above pics with Joyce were taken on 9th October, aka my virgin trip to Lola's. Ahh, such a memorable time! lol

Yes I take a really long time to get blog posts out :'))


Was from this past Sunday :) Which was the 30th of October. Different company this time. I got myself the same iced mocha ($6)(not pictured coz i suck at making drinks look photogenic lol) and it tasted just as nice!

Wanted to get the full works breakfast set ($17) but the price seemed a lil bit steep for my budget. So I decided to try the croissant that Joyce had last time, and BOY.

It is fucking.......UH-MAZE-INGGGGGG.

Like, the crispy buttery croissant alone will send you into multiple violent shockwaves of pleasure. Not to mention the cheesy melted cheddar and savoury MEATS mmmmmm bacon AND ham lol oh my!! I almost wept real jesus tears right there at their beautifully rustic wooden tables.

I freaking love Lola's, man.

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