Saturday, 31 December 2016


Howdy, sweetums. I just touched down early this morning from my year-end trip to Guangzhou. Here to publish this draft which I had pre-typed up while still in China, coz I be hardworking and time-efficient like dat! jks lol. There wasn’t much to do at night when I was waiting for my hair to dry before bedtime, other than watch How It’s Made on the hotel’s glorious cable TV.

Also, Imma try and crank these China posts out in a timely fashion. Need to break the habit of blogging about vacations literally years after they take place…shit’s just embarrassing.



Some marinated grilled chicken chunk type shit, pretty good. Assortment of veggies were A+. Potatoes were nice and starchy, broccoli tender and chloro-phylled (lol idk), roasted pumpkin was effing sweet and tender. Caramelised on the edges, all that good shit. Cherry tomatoes were the devil, as usual. And I do not permit The Devil to enter my mouth xo

Appetiser: beef pastrami on a bed of quinoa tossed with onions, peppers and minute tomato chunks (because they were so insignificant in size, i let it slide)(down my gullet)(just this one time, you slimey lil satanic shits!!)

I watched Bad Moms during the flight, and lemme just say Kathryn Hahn is ALL SORTS of hilarious. I legit burst out in audible guffaws 80% of the time she was onscreen, which was kinda embarrassing considering I was seated in the middle row amidst some middle-aged Chinese folks.

I also finally got to catch Your Name, an anime (i m not An Otaku) film that’s said to be tragic as hell, according to a few of my mates who all sobbed like babies when they watched it in the cinema.

True enough, that shit will have you in da feely feelz lol

I didn’t shed a tear, but damn I felt stuff right in the cockles of my heart…like, wtf man. Don’t play me like that. They be making you feel all warm and fuzzy with happy shit, filled to the brim with youthful optimism for true love, then have it all come crashing down (much like the comet. ha ha) with nary a shred of hope left in the cold, dark and painfully lonely world.


We arrived in Baiyun International Airport on a cool December’s night at about 1 am! Then proceeded to Chimelong Hotel which was a good 45 minutes or so via car, sat until me arse was sore

:D :D :D

Sorry the gif is so damn shaky...apparently I walk like a fucking elephant stomping around the plains of wild Africa lmao

Checking in~~~

Because of the ungodly hour, the entire lobby was deserted and almost completely shrouded in darkness! A bit eerie, actually.

festive as all hellllll


Our room :))))

The bathroom (ALWAYS my favourite part of hotels, tbh) had some Mexican villa vibes to it. Made me crave some cheesy nachos like crazy lol

Tucked in and all ready to sleep my absolute ASS off!!!! hehehe

Catch y’all in the next post <3


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