Sunday, 4 December 2016

Curious Palette rekt my soul

[note: i started writing this post like a solid month ago. such is the troubling degree of my chronic procrastination. anyway, the essay that i mention later has already been written, submitted, and fucking MARKED in the time that it took me to complete this goddamn post lol. may the good lord help me.]

I'm here typing out this post instead of the 2,500-word critical film analysis essay I'm supposed to turn in like, real fuckin soon. In an effort to relive some happier times, I'd say. Short-term memory throwback to just last Sunday, where I had a fabulous brunch and catchup sesh with my beloved BMC. Also got to savour ~legitimately~ some of the best food that I've had the pleasure of having inside my body...before I shat it out.

What? A healthy digestive system is totes important ok. Make sure y'all are eating enough fibre and drinking some "cultured bacteria" type o' shit like Yakult and whatnot. There was a period of time I ate nothing but fast food for like 10 days. Wound up hella constipated and when the waste finally exited me, my poops were super greasy.

Ok anyway. On to the food porn! lol


I got this corned beef scotch egg and it was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life, right up there with deciding to appeal my ass off to get into my dream course and applying for the internship position at even though the competition was stiff as hellllll and all the people vying for the job seemed way more suited to the role than I (or at least i thought)(mostly because they were hot Instagram-famous chicks lol I KNOW RIGHT. HOW 2 COMPETE WIT DEM).

Alright that was obvs a joke lol but still!!! This dish impacted my life in a MAGNIFICENT way. One that I'll truly remember for months to come, for sure :'))

My first time ever having a SCOTCH egg. And y'all know how I feel about muhfuckin eggs lmao

As a person with a HUMONGOUS salt tooth, the corned beef hash aspect of it really tickled my fancy. Like, it was SO. SALTY. So fuckin salty. But I liked that tho! Because I'm a legit goat, you know what I mean?

I crave that mineral.

yo i'm so sorry u guys. this meme is like from 2014 or some shit. i canot belieb. i unleashed a ded meme upon yall. lel

Ok but what I'm trying to say is: i love me some savoury ass foods.

There we go.

This is Joyce's simple but satisfying plate of scrambled eggs on toast, with an additional top-up of bacon rashers!! *heart eye emoji*

I've said this umpteen times but nothing and I repeat NOTHING, beats some well-executed scrambled EGGZzzzz.

Frickin love me some eggs.

(note the selfie taking lol)

Meanwhile, Thomas got this breakfast platter that was fit for a king. Well, we were there for brunch. But at about late 10, 11am or so, it is one of the earliest friend hangz I have been a part of. It's so nice to head out into the world and just do shit (even if it's something super chill, like stuffing your face in a cafe) early in the day!! Like, top of the mornin' to ya, laddies! rofl wtf

It was raining that morning, too. Made for some pretty spectacular vibes. Even if it also led to me slipping on the fucking pavement after our meal and landing on my ass IN FRONT OF A HEALTHY HANDFUL OF BYSTANDERS, MIND YOU. (yes it actually happened and u best believe i was much mortified)

Good golly.

I cannot, for the life of me, remember the components of this awe-inspiring spread. But let's just agree upon the fact that each of them looks stunning, yeah? Especially that egg-in-an-avocado. Lord have mercy...TWO OF MY FAVOURITE TINGS!!

(although come to think of it, both of them are kinda rich so a combination would just make for a pretty bland, jelak lump to stay lodged in yer throat huehue)


In all honesty, Curious Palette should be on all yall's cafe-hopping bucket lists. Out of all the Singaporean cafes I've been to thus far (and it's not very many at all lol BUT STILL), Curious Palette really is up there.

Once you step in, the interior design concept and atmosphere will quite literally take your breath away. It's like, the deeper you journey into its whimsical woodlands-like (as in, actual wood lands. not the fucking northern region of sg lmao) aesthetic, the more you'll feel like just sinking down into the floor and staying there forever and ever. or maybe das jus me lol

Vibes are A+. Food can be a lil hit or miss and the prices definitely are on the steep side, don't get me wrong. But it's just something you gotta experience for yourself at least once, boo.

So do it.

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