Saturday, 17 December 2016

i just want the High, supply me.

"I'm straight up,
with this one boy I know of.
I call 'em, when I start feeling alone.

I want it...
And sometimes

see, I don't.

I just need a moment.
and leave.

You can say you had it all, no strings.

I don't need the lovin'.
So don't make this something.

See, I'm nothing like a girlfriend.
I'm not like someone I'm supposed to be.

I just want some company."

Tinashe is my goddamn QUEEN.
Discovered her early this year and her music really took me through the entirety of my life's very first dating/semi-serious relationship experience lol

Man, I was such a naïve and idealistic little girl back in the first quarter of 2016.
This year has truly been a ride in terms of finding my sexuality and harnessing the force within me which I knew existed ever since I was the age of like, seven.

Sometimes physical experiences spill over to emotional connections that I by no means planned for.
I've had times where I hit actual rock bottom all because of my lifestyle choices.
But nothing, and I do mean absolutely Nothing in this past year of fucking around (in all senses of the term lol) will I ever come to regret.
Every tiny piece of it had to take place and come together like a puzzle, to form the picture that I have now. A visualisation of my life clearer than I'd ever imagined and hoped for.

Didn't quite enjoy the song "Company" at first. I mean, how can you compete with the saccharine feel-good ditty that preceded it? Seriously tho, I looped the shit out of "Superlove" for like months on end, especially when I was on my way to my dick appointments and tryna get PUMPED lol ja feel??

But lately the lyrics, grim beat and sultry vocals have really started to feel a fit in my personal life. x

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