Monday, 19 December 2016

probs my last post of 2016 coz limpeh goin overseas

Typing out some random shit before I fly off to China in less than 24 hours, just to keep this blog alive while I'm gone huehuehue

Presenting a documentation of mah daily life, in da form of pics and captionnnnnnnnnnsss.

Long. Ass. Muhfuggin captions lol

And pics that are pretty much bits n pieces of events so they don't form an entire post on their own.

Pls enjoy :)

(im balding. dont tell me. i alrdy know it lol)

Snorlax Christmas display at Changi Airport.

Dear lord, I want a cuddly Snorlax plush toy so much. Not even the mammoth ones, too. Just something adequately huggable, I ain't greedy lol

Yaas, I am very much still a slut for Pokemon Go lmao

Hey, I caught a festive Pikachu literally on the night it came out okay:

I don't play around when it comes to Catching Them All™  8)

Flavours: Signature Milk & Honey + Tiramisu

My dearest Kim Bee showed me around her east side turf and brought me to this lovely hole-in-the-wall gelato parlour at Bedok! Forreal tho, it is situated right smack at the ground floor of some HDB estate. If I were to stay in that area, best believe I'd eat my weight in quality ice cream every single week til I eventually die from diabetus at the ripe old age of 21 years and 3 months lmao

Super yummy, i fucking LOVE honey-based desserts lol. Also, tiramisu is one of my all-time fave sweet treats. Go-to ice cream flavours, tbh <3

Hifumi, all day err day babyyyy.

My main dish was a sizzling plate of crispy chicken fillet strips and a hunk of salmon (of course lol).

But of course, the star of the show is the appetiser buffet. And lemme just tell all y'all now that it was nothing short of straight up GLORIOUS.

Main highlights for me were the seaweed wedges (SO crispy and flavourful!! gah damn), sweet potato fries (drenched in sticky honey and cinnamon, what's not to love?) and generous strips of pork belly. Not too fatty, just the way I like it!

Veggie ballz from Ikea cafeteria!

~obviously~ i got the signature Ikea meatballs as well, but i just picked these out from the refrigerator shelves coz i was legitimately curious. Think they were going for $1.50 per bowl of 3? Not cheap sia

Verdict: very rich in flavour and you can clearly taste the many vegetables it constituted, but it was a flat and dull kind of flavour that would require you to bathe it in sauce to actually enjoy it. also, extremely mushy and reminiscent of baby food. or old people food. basically, any food that's mean for people with No Teeth lol

yea, imma stick to being a hardcore carnivore. :'))

Seafood paella from some pizzeria, was about $19++ I think.

Holy shit, it was dry as all hell. I legit felt like I was eating space food or something, it was all the way dehydrated :(

I appreciate the presentation and quality of ingredients, but it really was quite awful. Severely lacking in flavour as well, I had to dump literally 3/4 of a can of parmesan cheese and mix it in while it was still hot just to get some actual taste and moisture in there lmao

Try harder next time pl0x

View from my window, coz the sky is effing gorgeous. So is the skyline of south-central Singapore, tbh! Beauty is everywhere, so long as you stop for a minute and find it :))

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