Thursday, 8 December 2016

memers for my creamers (lol wtf)

Been a willy while since the last compilation, so here are some choice memes served up Dank*!

lol what is wrong with me

*more like Depressed, tbh



Fun fact: when i was in primary school i used to get so famished after the day ended that, when my dad came to pick me up in his car, it was a daily tradition for him to have bought me a 4-piece box of nuggets from KFC. yes, KFC in Singapore still served nuggets back then, and they were BOMB. and yes, i realise that it's highly unhealthy for a lil kid to eat processed ass chemical chicken shit-based nuggets every weekday for a good period of 8 months or so lmao

anyways, i would always be starved to the point where i SWALLOWED dem nuggets practically whole. like, that shit was warm and well-seasoned and smelled absolutely MAGICAL. so i chewed about 3 to 4 times and down the gullet it went. i still remember that feeling of those chicken mush chunks stuck in my throat, but young me was a satisfied and happy little camper who would just sit in the car and wait patiently for them to descend to my empty stomach lol

KFC needs to bring back dem nuggets doe..forreal

THIS IS SO TRUUUUUUUU LOL just kill me now!!


Lmao this is some real shit tbh.


btw, y'all need to check out Nicki's take on Black Beatles. not her best work, i'll admit. but it's been SO long since she's put out a proper album that i'll gladly take whatever i can get.

plus, i've been watching so many Mannequin Challenges that the Rae Sremmurd beat has really grown on me lol.

shoutout to the one Nigahiga did, too. it was soooo next-level wtf. the entire time i watched it my jaw just stayed dropped and i was like D; ?? bruh.


he looks so sad!!!!! omg poor boi ;(( </3

but yea that about sums up my entire life as student lmao


real talk tho, i LOVE subway. but y'all gotta understand that nothing about their food is "fresh"...

a friend of mine used to work there as a sandwich artist and she was just horrified about the way they stored their meats. i'm like, ok das sad but i'm still tryna enjoy my Subway Meltz®!! ain't nothing about ham and bacon is fresh from da source anyway, lol.

but the thing is, im always a slut for avocado (that means i like it lol JUST CLARIFYING FOR FOLKS WHO ARENT ~IN THE KNOW~) so i get the top-up every single time without fail.

the other day...i requested for it but they ran out. so they had to refill the avocado tub...and there i was, all along thinking that the delicious green spread was made out of actual mashed avocados, maybe blended with the help of a machine or wtv i don't mind. i'm not expecting my avocados to be hand-smashed by the tender but nimble fingers of 12 delicate virgins but HELLO. they retrieved the new avocado stash from the fridge and squeezed out some preservative-loaded, cold as hell, MUSHY LOOKING green goo...from a vacuum sealed plastic bag of horror.

bitch, bye.

i legitimately had to stop myself from gagging as i stood there, completely aghast.

fyi i still stay eatin dat shit coz im broke af and this is the best i can get in terms of ~*quality*~ meat n cheeses lol

tru shit lol has anyone ever just stopped and realised these sort of things?? man, how times have changed. technology and the internet are beautiful, beautiful things.

?????? why does this make me so fcukin sad tho!! :'))


LOL. scorpios stay petty and vengeful like dat.

HAHHAHAHAHA I DIED. why is this so cute yet hilarious!!!

Yas, all the way bruh. ALL THE WAY.

Sleeping is everything <3

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