Thursday, 1 December 2016


Some time last week I caught myself in a very, VERY shitty place for a couple of days straight. Just couldn't pull myself out of a mental state where I'd be thrown in following a fucked up series of events.

"Cry me a river, build myself a bridge. Get over it."

But I couldn't!! lol

The near perpetually gloomy weather sure didn't help.

One afternoon, I just felt completely done with feeling helpless and miserable. I am going to help my goddamn self, ffs! lol so yeah. I decided to put my crummy feelings to the side, even if just temporarily, and create.

To birth something – anything! – out of a sad situation. That would be ideal, huh?

So...Say hello to the new blog logo! Officially retiring this one...

Which y'all have been seeing for years now. Or just started seeing, depending on when you even discovered this blog hehe. [Hello! thank u for reading my bullshit haha :)]

What's the verdict? Do y'all like this new paddle pop/watercolour splatter design? Does it make y'all...

moister than da oysters?


If you wanna delve even further into the (painfully embarrassing and straight up CRINGE EXPLOSION) history of Pudding Fancy, the header actually used to look like this:

Design inspo derived from a random Australian magazine I was flipping thru while sittin on da toilet lol I STILL REMEMBER OK! hahaha

Alas, I still haven't made any changes to the general layout lol. Mostly coz I suck at such things and if I tried to shuffle the HTML coding about, I'd probably fuck up the entire webpage to the point of no return.

So yeah.

ya i definitely felt it necessary to pose with a paddle pop ice cream and engage in a full-on selfie photoshoot lol. and yes my forehead is massive, no sense in denying it so i shall just bask in the fact that my brain is larger than average! lol just kidding, i don't know if that's actually true. but apparently there is an old wives' tale that peeps with big foreheads are blessed to not see/be attacked by ghosts, so hooray for that! lol

Please enjoy this adorable Paddle Pop colour scheme!! I hope it serves your eyes well :) For the next few years* or something lol idk. I guess we shall see when I randomly get inspired to switch it up again huehuehue

*looking at my past "new header announcement" post (lol cringe max), the appears that the pattern is to have a new header every 2 years? 2012, 2014, and now. And it's always in the later part of the year! lol see y'all in late 2018 i guess :)

(thank you once again for reading hehe i just feel rather warm and fuzzy about the fact that real life human beings, with actual lives to lead and shit to do, find my nonsense ramblings worthy of even taking up a minute portion of thy busy days!)(BLESS YA!!!! ♡)

go treat yourself to a Paddle Pop today. instant happiness for less than $2!!!!!!! THERE IS NO ARGUMENT. DO NOT HESITATE ANY LONGER!!!!!1 lol

'twas delicious indeed <3

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