Tuesday, 13 December 2016


If you've been reading my blog for close to a year now (which is unlikely, unless you're someone i know irl and therefore have a reason to take interest in the mundane activities of my life)(if you're not, and you STILL have continued reading my shit all this time...then, man. i oughta mail you a non-perishable snack or something just as a token of thanks lol. you real as hell!!), you would know that back in mid-2015 I had a special relationship with a cafe in Bugis called Stateland.

Back then I had just ventured into the cafe-hopping lifestyle. I sucked at directions and self-navigation (still do, tbh)(fun fact: the maps and PokeStops on Pokemon Go have actually been more helpful in getting me to my destinations than Google Maps lol. go figure!) so I was pretty happy to have found a decent cafe that was walking distance from an MRT station.

My friend Danielle also had a waitressing stint at Stateland, which is the reason behind why I (sometimes along with our mutual friends) went there so many times to visit, chill, get some grub in me and perhaps do some work on my laptop as well.

Since the end of last year, I haven't really gotten the chance to swing by. Until a few weekends ago when I decided to head over with my dear friend Cheryl. Just for a nice brunch and catch-up session! It was starting to drizzle and we desperately needed to seek food and shelter, so no time for galavanting all down Bali Lane and Arab Street in search of whatever eatery tickles our fancy.

We stepped into Stateland and, holy Mother Of Pearl. It had undergone a doozy of a revamp.

Vibes were on POINT.

As were the food and beverages, obviously.


Iced coffee drinks usually cost a small fortune at most cafes. But their exotic ass ICED APPLE PIE (yup, u read that right) LATTE was only $6.50!! bruh

I am a huuuuge fan of apple pie and anything containing cinnamon, really. The latte concoction was pretty satisfying, with ample hints of apple pie flavours without being too sweet. Would've loved for it to be just a tad less milky with more strength leaning towards the coffee aspect, but I'm k00l wit it :)

For a dessert-like caffeine drink at $6.50, I really can't complain.

Meanwhile, Cheryl (wit da beautiful, bombshell coloured hair) got herself a Watermelon Lemonade for $5.50. Super gorgeous, and very refreshing. The watermelon syrup was definitely A+

{Kimchi Carbonara, $18}

I love carbonara like crazy, but kimchi isn't something I'd typically eat unless it's served on the side with my favourite Korean dishes. In essence, this pasta dish was truly just a well-executed carbonara simply tossed with some piquant kimchi.

An interesting taste concept considering carbonara is usually on the rich and creamy side. With the tang and slight spiciness of the fermented cabbage slicing through, it all feels a little less jelak. Plus, the bacon slices and fried shallots did wonders for the texture of this dish!

A little disappointed that the runny egg didn't have that flawless oozing yolk lava, but taste-wise it still did its job :)

{Mentaiko Tiger Prawn Pasta, $20}

Cheryl's dish was actually something I enjoyed a LOT more (yes, i totally nicked a few mouthfuls from her bowl and vice versa lol. what are friends for??).

The mentaiko was TOP. freaking. NOTCH.

Flavour explosion with EVERY bite, I honestly could just sit there and lick mentaiko mayo forever and ever lol. It's that good.

Only gripe I would have is that the dish really packs a mean spice punch, the kind that would have you reaching out for water after each mouthful and panting eventually in an effort to cool off the fire on your tongue.

Good thing I had my milky latte at hand to quell the flames, but spice wimps (like myself...lol) have been warned!


Throughout my stint at TSL, I've written about my fair share of fusion dishes. In my opinion, it's a trend that's kinda done to death as it is already, and with stark variations of success too.

The two dishes I sampled at Stateland? Fusion done right. There's truly a harmonious balance between cuisine influences both East and West and, most importantly, it actually tastes GOOD!

Go try it out for yourselves, y'all. I'll definitely be returning some time soon to grub on their other dishes :'))

Stateland Cafe
Address: 32 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866
(Pretty short walk from Bugis MRT station)
Opening hours:
Mon, Wed & Thurs 12 pm to 10 pm
Fri & Sat 12 pm to 12 mn
Sun 11 am - 6 pm
Closed on Tue.

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