Sunday, 29 January 2017

East Side Mexicana

This one glorious Sunday a couple weeks back, my dear sweet beloved Kim took Thomas and I around the east side of the island. We casually mentioned that she has to bring us to the best food spots coz it's her turf, and that we were relying heavily on whether her recommendations would be solid or not. This girl actually wrote down a full itinerary and list of places on a pretty purple post-it note! Holy shit. Wish I could've shown you guys that precious slip of paper. Actually, wish I could've kept that golden ticket of bomb ass restaurants and cafes to check out myself. Better than any online guide ever, I'd say. Coz it's got Kim's personal seal of approval :')

Us at the last stop of the day, some Acai health nut #fitspo #cleaneating cafe. It was a tiny establishment and pretty good for cozy conversation once we managed to snag that cramped little wooden table to huddle up over.

This here, was the start of the day's expeditions.

Meeting spot was Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, some classic old-fashioned coffee shop that I really have never seen with my own eyes before, much less have the honour of being in and soaking up the lovely atmosphere.

Kim got me a delicious chocolate cupcake, coz she's a frickin' McAngel like that and I really do McLove her to absolute bits. Although small and finished up in a matter of bites, the tasty treat was unlike any other cupcake I've shoved down my pie hole (my pie hole is a lie hole, haha), no lie. It just tasted so...Traditional, yknow?

Their Instagram tag is just a kaya lover's wet dream come ( true tbh.

Would've loved to sample the award-winning kaya butter buns from Chin Mee Chin, but our limited stomach space had to be reserved for carbs of another kind. So, on to the next spot!

featuring Thomas' buff ass me about as wet as those quesadillas, damn. leaking all over the plate and shiettt lol

Lower East Side Taqueira for some Mexican grub! a.k.a A reason for me to carry on living in this world where an actual monster can become presidents of the United States. smh.

Pictured above are my carne asada tortilla dips. Fucking fantasmo, as you can well imagine. That amount of melted cheese? Beans and meat sauce underneath? Fuuuuck, man. Gotta love that shit.

Kim's halibut tacos, with actual heaving SLABS of fresh fish fillet. Talk about quality!

My baby: deep-fried spicy mozzarella sticks.

Bellisimo~ ❤

Lunch was stellar on all accounts, from food (duh) to conversation (i love them both so much omg), even the playlist at the Taqueria. Freaking I Know You Want Me by Pitbull (Mr Worldwide!) got me bopping in my seat whilst downing quesadillas and shiet. Def not good for digestion, but it was some fun timezz

Anywho, next stop was this super duper fancy gelato boutique.

I shit you not, the selection was so exorbitantly priced that each of us asked to try one sample spoonful and, having satisfied our dessert cravings from just that one minuscule nibble,

We bolted.

#noragrets lol

Sunday, 22 January 2017

hooked on dat BONG.

...Ah Bong, that is. Ah Bong's Italian.

i live in Singapore lol, dafuq u thought?? #PUGSNOTDRUGS

About a whole year since I'd known of their existence and wanted to head down myself and try it out, I finally did. And now I can't stop :')

Their plates are so quaint and lovely. But when you're seriously craving some delicious carbs in your gullet, plastic boxes and cutlery really won't get in the way of much :)

My class on that day only started at 2pm, so I had ample time to whiz down and tabao myself a good ass breakfast. Actually...I was sort of on the fence about making the effort but once I saw their Pastas Of The Day posted on Facebook, my gluttonous body just mobilized itself against my consciousness tbh

Their menu changes daily, so make sure to keep track of it all online! My embarrassing fangirl self actually refreshes their page constantly once the clock hits 10am and they're open for business lol. And did you know they close at 2 in the afternoon?? Daaaamn. That's like my usual wake-up time if I don't have any school/work that day huehuehue. I'm assuming their more popular pasta choices get sold out well before closing time, too.


Broccoli pesto (YAAAAS fuk me up fam i LOOOVE me some BROCC)(oli) and black pig bacon (black pig?? BLACK PIG?????!! but hell yea it was some good ass, lean and crispy savoury bacon) linguine.

Pesto is sooooo good, y' How can basil and olive oil and cheese taste so straight up PHENOMENAL when mixed together in a sedimentary (i almost typed "sedentary" lol wtf GET ACTIVE, U LAZY PESTO!!) paste?? So fucken good...god damn it.


Y'all...this was some special shit right dere.

I freaking love me some corn (ok in all honesty what food do i NOT like and get way too excited about lol)(tomatoes...probably)(not dick tho, i Love dick! lol jks, that's not a food. teehee!) and this one had CHARRED. CORN. CHARRED!!!!!!!!

So sweet and caramelised with that gloriously delicate smokey flavour like mmmmmm YAAAAS KWEEN!!!! FUCK ME UP WIT DAT GOOD SHIET

My goal in life is to taste one of those amazing looking street-style grilled corns (a quick goole search has alluded to the fact that the delicacy actually hails from Mexico and is called "elote". das neat!) with lashings of seasoning and MELTED. FUCKING. CHEESE, like holy SHIT. WHo even gave u permission to unleash something so perfect upon the world?????!

Here, look at it:


i died, tbh.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

CHIMELONG ’16: Hotel Buffet!!!!!! a.k.a the highlight of the trip, tbh

Amidst all the exciting activities throughout 10 days spent in Guangzhou (which is also informally referred to as the City Of Immortals, how fucken badass is THAT), exploring the capital and staying in an award-winning, record-smashing, internationally acclaimed 5-star hotel (i ain't throwin all these titles out there for free, y'all. go google it lol), nothing comes even close to beating the anticipation of…The Buffet.

Lez be honest, I am rarely as blissful and truly at peace as when I am cruising the food stands of a well-stocked buffet selection. Except when I’m making sweet, sweet love lmao JKS.!! (but forreal doe)

Because my mum was meeting a friend for lunch who happened to be a member of the hotel staff, they let us enter the restaurant to settle in a good 15 minutes before the doors opened officially at noon.

Getting an early bird's head start to a good ass buffet adventure? PRICELESS.

It was a rather frosty winter's day but gurrrl, lemme tell you. That wasn't the only reason I was quaking at the knees lol

Strolling through the myriad of edible masterpieces made me QUIVER with excitement, god damn!!

Did I also mention...

That shit was fucking ADORABLE???!

We got animal dim sum galore. Duckies above were filled with smashed yam and these pandas? Lotus paste!

We also got custard buns, a.k.a the legendary 流沙包 (liu sha bao), in various shades of skin tone! Coz it's freaking 2016 and it's all about inclusivity, mmmkay? Get wit da program

For (i'm presuming the rare) fans of tapioca, dates and tubers, you're in luck! lol

Srsly doe do people just pick up rods of tapioca and proceed to gnaw on it as a casual afternoon snack?? have i just been missin out my Whole Life

Plus cobs of corn and just yam on DECK. Idk why but I was just so fascinated that they had these on offer, like you could just grab 'em and go at it with your hands like a good ol' fashioned caveman/woman.

Pretty neat to uncover the lids too to find it stocked to the brim and unmarred by other fellow buffet-goers before you :'))


thx for the heads up LOL WHAT ARE ""CHITTERLINGS"" ANYWAY!!!!!1

/0.54 seconds later/

Oh. ok

No shade to my beloved fellow Chinese peeps but y'all are GR0SS lol. Not once have I ever eaten anything like pork intestines or,, freaking chicken hEARTS. Just innards in general. Pls. There's enough meat on an animal to go around. Stop bein nasty aight.

THERE WAS SHIT IN THERE AT SOME POINT!!!!!!! U eatin the critter's POOPOO. How u feel abt that????

Nothing, coz you think it's delicious? Okie dokie then lol it's your life :'))

Such adorable sushi. I can guarantee you it's all novelty and no taste, tho.

All-black tobiko, gahd damn.

(whispers: lyk da colour of my soul xoxo)

rawr JKS lmao das fooking gr0ss

Dis the salad section so obviously it had no place or business on my glorious plate of high-carb high-fat nonsense BUT. How gorgeous is the presentation?? Got flower all :'))

The juice dispensers were also pretty as foooook. Like a sweet, thirst-quenching work of art tbh. UNFF. dat makes me moist loljks ST0P.

Aight so this was my loot.

Spicy salmon (my first time eating salmon done "Chinese style" in small chunks with the skin on rather than in the form of a whole fillet; 'twas Amazink), spring roll (with heaps of vermicelli inside it, nice nice), fried soy sauce noodles (skinny style, SOOOO good), some prawn fritter thing, potato smiley, roast turkey with gravy (god, have mercy on my soul. I LOVE MEAT), seared tuna (way too well done, nowhere near as good as the one i had at Shangri La SG. that one touched my soul, forreals. i've not been the same since),  some pumpkin cubes, and ham & cheese coz why tf not.

The mango juice was so sweet and rich, y'all. SO. GOOT <3

Obvs gotta cap off the buffet experience (more like SEXperience, amirite?? coz shoving yummy food inside of u feels so gosh darn pleasurable? feels u up real good? no? ok) with some DESSERT by Dawin a.k.a one of the best booty-popping songs of All Time.

Portugese egg tart, sooooo soft oh my lord.
Apple pie tart, very cute and delicious filling but the pastry was too cakey and the ratio of crust-to-apple sauce wasn't exactly one hunnit, ja feel?
Y'all already know how I feel about the Napoleon puff pastries. If my stomach space allowed, I would've sent another 6 to 8 of dem thangs flying down my gullet.

Food is so good, y'all.

(lmfao i accidentally typed "good is so good y'all" at first and apparently that was enough to make me burst out in whooping guffaws oh wow. my standards for hilarity are so such a laugh slut)

Saturday, 14 January 2017

it's only been a fortnight in but 2017 already swaggy as FUUUUUCK.

For the first time in like, six whole celestial phases, my unproductive ass is actually being kiiinda efficient. Today was a day (lol no shit it was) of such joyous and swaggular proportions that it almost feels wrong not to commemorate it with a Same Day Blog Post™.

While the memories are still fresh in my mind, the tastes of today's wonderful meals still lingering on my tongue (actually das fucken Gross, fam. lemme first go and brush my tongue then singe my mouth with a swish of listerine or smth, jeez), lemme take y'all through an utterly fabulous seven hours or so. Before I really maxed out my socialising quotient and decided to bolt home and burrow in my Cave Of Solitude. a.k.a my bedroom, with the doors shut and the lights off. Why do I feel better recharging myself in pitch black darkness?? Is it coz I'm Scorpio or just plain insane?


Bender knows what's up...

Real talk, I relate to the above so damn much lol. Don't know how many times I've caught myself practically screaming that in my head while I'm still out with friends/family/a date and all I want is to just be like "BYE BYE u kno i love spending time wit u but right now i gOTZ 2 GO lol TALK TO U IN ABOUT 8 - 12 HOURS WHEN IM READY TO SOCIALISE AGAIN XOXO"


I woke up today close to 12 noon to my grandma telling me that two people were at the door, claiming to be my "classmates" lmao. Dragged myself outta bed groggy and disoriented af coz I was literally up in that REM cycle like, deepest level, in the midst of a very vivid dream and everything. Whilst rushing to get myself decent (brushing my teeth coz my mouth dun been thru a full slumber's worth of stank; putting a bra on coz i ain't tryna visually assault my guests with the sight of my tiddy bress and stiff nipples)(coz i just be cold n stuff and my nipples are hard for no reason ok IT'S NOT COZ I'M THAT EXCITED TO WELCOME MY VISITORS OKAY WTF)(it's really times like this where i wonder what the actual Fuck im sharing on the internet for a bunch of strangers to read), I was trying so hard to figure out who it was, out of the very select few people on this Earth who actually know of my exact address like. I honestly was quite nervous and befuddled??

At one point my semi-conscious, half-blind (i sleep with eye shades on and the tightness (ha ha) of it usually makes my vision blurry for a good 30 minutes into first waking up) and VERY paranoid self even thought it was a pair of strangers here to arrest me. Or just take me away and throw me into a dungeon or smth, idk. I was so scared lol

Anywhozzles it turns out it was good ol' Joyce and Thomas. :')))

Aren't they the cutest lol ♡♡~~~

Ban Mian Crew fo' LYFE.

Seeing as she was my ex-editor and supervisor at work, Joyce actually dipped into the company records to see what my home address was filed on record as.

Such a strange, heartwarming feeling mixed with a slight tinge of privacy invasion lmao

For lunch we headed to Ah Bong's Italian, a super quaint concept kitchen I've quite literally been ACHING to try out ever since discovering it and writing about it for one of the favourite articles I've produced so far :))

Fancy schmancy food served in a kopitiam setting with dirt cheap prices is such a good concept!!!! I LIVE FOR IT <3 $$ #youngmoney #cashmoney


Tomasz: crabmeat mac & cheese, $12 (fancy as HECK, right??! there was like a ridiculous abundance of ACTUAL crab meat, not even the shitty imitiation kind. wot da hell. how they're managing to turn a profit with these high quality ingredients at low lowww prices, i'll never know).

Joysicles: haebi aglio olio, $8. with actual dried shrimp chilli and all. HOW SWAGGY IS DAT (answer: Very)

Me: black pig bacon and charred wombok linguine, $8 (we spent a good chunk of our time together just straight up trying to figure out what a "wombok" is. turns out it's just a type of Chinese cabbage, and not wombat meat like what i'd pictured in my head).


Afterwards we headed to Chapter 55 for some Aircon & Chill. It's like Netflix & Chill, except we don't stare at a screen for 120 seconds before deciding to Fornicate.

We saw Thomas' actual soul mate, no biggie. Just casually wearing couple shirts, 100% unplanned and a pure co-inky-dink!!!1

(she did already have a husband and not one but TWO tiny tots by her side tho...whoop C daisy)


Soon after I had to dash off to Clarke Quay to meet Ian, who introduced me to yet another bomb ass cafe today that was so amazing, I was damn near brought to tears.

Seriously tho, this boy is the reason behind me even knowing of Paddy Hills, Strangers' Reunion and muhfuckin' LOLA'S. All recommendations worth their weight in absolute gold. His cafe game is STRONK as all hell!!!!!

This cafe is simply called Punch, and the interior design really had me floored (haha, u like dat lil architecture pun? lmao)(i need help)

I know my shitty photography skillz don't do the place justice, but Punch had mad vibes, yo. Maaaaad vibes!! T^T

We spent like, close to three hours just sittin there and soaking up the atmosphere. Had some really good food & drank and we talked our asses off. So much laughter, so much to catch up on. Oh yeah, did I mention that the last time we actually saw each other in real life was like...10,000 years ago?

loljks but seriously. It was way back in June of '16 and even then, it was only a short hi-bye kinda dealio coz I was just there to visit while he worked at Stranger's Reunion. Our last proper hangz was like, what. 2014? God damn.

What I wanna say to you that time is a frickin' man-made illusion.

The best types of friendships are when you can hit "unpause" any time and it's like nothing has changed. Be it time or distance apart, the amount could be unbearable in theory. You think that it's not something you and your pal can get past, and y'all just stop trying at some point. Not this bitch, though!! (im talking about myself lol)

I tweeted, texted, and commented on his Instagram posts steadily every few months or so telling his Shrek-lovin' ass to meet up with me once both of our schedules allowed it.

So the stars finally aligned, and he found time despite being in the army right now while I found time despite juggling uni and freelance work ok I'm not even gonna front like I'm a busy woman lmao I'M JUST FUCKEN LAZY ALL THE TIME. So if I actually make the effort to put on pants and a bra to go out and meet you, you KNOW that the desire to have your company is real lol

It's been so long since we last saw each other's faces other than on social media postings, and upon getting reunited? BOOM. Pick up right where we left off.

We had this spectacular meal to share... (ya i can't stop freaking eating sia lol FOOD IS SO GOOOD)

Ian's earl grey pancakes and chai latte (the lil cup was so kewt teehee:

I found the pancakes a lil too dry and thick (oooh, she thicc! lmao) for my liking but holy SHIT, the accompanying syrup was all sorts of amazing. Rich and aromatic, idk if they put black sugar in it or what but the taste sensation was just something several notches above regular syrups.

Comes topped with a poached pear dunked in chocolate, too. The earl grey tea leaves were generously embedded into the pancake batter. Really fancy and a lovely choice for any tea-time treat, tbh.

I got myself their special grilled cheese sandwiches served with tomato soup, as recommended by Ian.

Initially I was like, wtf. How basic. But when it was served, everything from the adorable pint-sized presentation to the mind-blowing fragrance just made me want to cri n die

In the best way possible!!

Grilled cheese is pretty foolproof but damn, these were on some next level shiet. Jam-packed with melty goodness of gruyere and emmental, the toast was crispy and gorgeously caramelised.

Shoutout to the lil bowl of tomato soup, btw. Y'all know I'd rather flick my tongue back and forth Satan's actual asshole (i m so sorry for this imagery lol IT'S JUST A METAPHOR BTW) than eat a tomato but yo...this soup was beyond STELLAR.

I've no idea what sort of god-level ingredients and culinary expertise they used to whip up this magical concoction but...I fucking couldn't get enough. Licking the bowl clean type o' shit. Tasted and smelled like a good lasagna sauce...but it was a delicious slurpy soup. Holy fuck it was SO GOOD. Marry me pls, @chefwhomadethisbowlofperfection.

Oh yeah I also got this beautifully swirled glass of iced latte which made me so hyped up on caffeine I had to get off the stool and just...stand on my two feet and maintain an upright position lest I implode and DIE right there and then lmao

'twas good tho. ☻


I know that throughout the past few years, I keep saying shit about how "grateful" and "hashtag BLESSED" I am to the point where it starts to lose it's "special" effect. But, yo. Real talk. Today was bomb.

And life isn't about waiting around for some epic moments and grand occasions. The simplest joys can very well be the Greatest.

Aight, Imma stop rambling on about LIFE before I get all up in mah feelz lol


tysm for reading. i hope u know you're swaggy af :'))

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


One whole year since my first kiss. (can't believe i was so overjoyed from the occasion that i wrote an extensive and highly giggly blog post about it lmao 2016 me was weird)

Young girl like me needed someone to take care of her.
But there you were, 4 years older than me and equipped only with a secondary level educational qualification.
Hopping from one low level part-time job to another every other week or so.
Complaining that our dates were too expensive when all I requested was to eat a chicken chop at Han's (and we always went Dutch, too).

Yet I never gave a shit about all that.

In my eyes, you were still someone I could see myself spending my life with.
I'm such a lazy, procrastinatory piece of shit but I even made up my mind that I could be happy working doubly hard if it meant being able to support you financially.
There was so much I would've done just for us to live a comfortable life together.
I don't need to be pampered like a princess and spoiled with material goods.
Your company was enough for me. All I wanted was to spend time in your presence, be with you.

Not that you ever thought the same, though.

When I called you up that evening to meet up with me so you could be the first one I told about my job promotion, you watched as I rambled on with all the excitement and gratitude in the world. When I finished talking, all you asked me was "how much more are they gonna pay you".

When I told you, you proceeded to lambast me about what a giant fool I am to take on the offer.

Yet I never once spoke ill of you or made you feel small about bombing job interviews, or coming back from your first day of work saying you want to quit again so you can go back to sitting around the house doing nothing all damn day.

Never being happy for me and my little victories in life. You made me feel small. You made me feel like I had to dumb myself down and dim my shine just to match your level and forge a connection in your glaringly inferior world. You made me feel guilty for pursuing my passions. You left me hanging by not replying to my messages the nights before we were supposed to go on a date, but you got jealous whenever I spoke of my male friends. You made snide comments about how I should go have sex with my guy friends "if i liked them so much", even though all I'd say was how much I platonically valued them for giving me care and support like a normal bro would. You kept me hidden like a dirty little secret, something so shameful that the rest of the world could never possibly know of. When you were almost reaching the train station to meet me for dinner after I left the office from work, you threatened to turn back and leave to go home if I went to see you together with two of my colleagues and closest friends, even if just to say hi and finally meet you in person. They're the dearest people to me in the office, I guess they just wanted to formally meet the guy who'd been making me so giddily happy for the past couple of months. 

I was well and truly blind to all of your flaws.

And so early on in our relationship, I guess you made up your mind that I wasn't the one you wanted to be with.

I just wish you could've let me know then.

But you continued to let me fall, harder and faster than I'd ever known in my life while you already went on your merry way to make a steady escape.

ya, i really went and created a typography piece for some #relatable Tinashe lyrics coz this major throwback of a song came on during shuffle and i was all up in mah feelz™ coz i used to listen to the Aquarius album SO much during the months that i’d dated him. 
(school only starts in 2 days, so this is how bo liao i am rn. boredom’s gonna be a luxury once the semester begins tho lol /CREYS)

The day you so easily let it all go, I seriously felt like I had lost everything.

But it's been about 9 months since.

And I don't know if it's the love from family and friends that I've been absolutely engulfed in every single day.

Or the wonderful experiences I've had be it seeing the world or getting closer and closer to achieving my dreams (without feeling the need to share it with you and so desperately seeking your validation).

Or being with guys of every shape, size, and ethnicity who fucked me like you never could.

Time has cleansed me so completely that when I think back to you and everything I thought we could be, I feel nothing at all.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

CHIMELONG ’16: New Room + ZOO!

After one night, we decided to switch to the newer wing of the hotel due to some issues with our room. Had to part with my beloved Mexican villa bathroom, too. :’))

Ta-ta for now~~!

Lobby, looks way different in the daytime :)

Freaking toting around so much shit...and we ain't even started shopping yet lol gg well played

New room!

View from da 4th (or as some people call it, 4rd lol) floor lift lobby~


We took the buggy to go to Xiangjiang Safari Park. What really blew my mind was the self-drive animal trail, where cars literally roam amongst the wildlife?? Kind of freaky, but we were on a doorless, windowless buggy instead of an actual sheltered car, so that was a whole ‘nother situation altogether lol

It’s just gonna be animal pics from here on out, so if that ain’t of interest to ya, you can skedaddle. I won’t mind lol, I swear.

If it helps in persuading you to stay and mindlessly scroll thru da shots of wildlife tho, the zookeeper shuttling us around actually gave us a big stack of bread to feed the critters. Which is totes FORBIDDEN by regular guests, btw!! but we in the ~*in crowd*~ like that, so yeah.

Here's us (me and my sis riding in the back seat) being shook™ coz the animals realised we had food on board and came CHARGING towards our unprotected asses D;

Here's us being Shook once again just coz it's SO fun to ride da buggy!! woohooooo!!

It was such a cool winter's morning, too. So much wind in your hair!! FEEL DAT BREEZE UPON YO FACEEEEE

Albino kangaroo! hehe so kewtz

And this regular one,

Str8 chillin like a real G.

Y'all, we actually saw the joey emerging from the pouch like AYY waddup foolz

But the buggy drove away and I couldn't snap a shot of the cute joey's tiny adorable squishy face in time :'))

You can still spot the legs and tail, doe! Look:


I just found this sight so pretty, look at that contrast. The birds are in such a spectacular shade of red, me favourite colour!!!!!! #nobodyasked

These mofos were aggressive as HELL tho. Like. chill, b.

Dey be all up in yer face like...damn. y so confrontational bro


i almost had a heart attack T^T

meanwhile Mr. Buggy Driver was just like lololol chill frenzz it k00l, the creature Will Not eat ü

Step 1:

Step 2:

tfw the act of taking a selfie with me is so horrendous that da zebra had to flee immediately afterwards lmao

my new friends. (completely one-sided, btw)

don't leave!!!!! LOVE ME.  PLEASE

I freaking loved the bears. Given their size and might, they could easily smash u to death in 0.08 seconds. But they were so big and fluffy too!!

Can I also add at this point that the sun bears were on some next level shit. They started waving at us when we stopped the buggy to take pictures of them!!!!1 WHAT TEH FUCK!!!!!!!

Y'all are too pure T^T i don't deserve this!!!!

Real talk tho, that shit was so adorable and caught me completely off-guard. My heart* almost exploded right there and then

*got too excited whilst typing and spelled "heart" as "e art". yes it's true my e art also came close to exploding Lol

Hippos! One of my fave animals. So cute and goofy looking yet so dangerous lmao

For those of y'all who didn't know, hippopotamus in Chinese is called 河马 (hé mǎ), which translates literally to "river horse" So cute right!!! lololololol

Clean ones

Dirty ones.

Alpacas lookin like fluffy lumps of turd, available in an assortment of colours! :D

Aight das all, you da real MVP if you stuck around this far!

Here's a koala pic for you :)

Love yaaaaa~~! <3