Saturday, 14 January 2017

it's only been a fortnight in but 2017 already swaggy as FUUUUUCK.

For the first time in like, six whole celestial phases, my unproductive ass is actually being kiiinda efficient. Today was a day (lol no shit it was) of such joyous and swaggular proportions that it almost feels wrong not to commemorate it with a Same Day Blog Post™.

While the memories are still fresh in my mind, the tastes of today's wonderful meals still lingering on my tongue (actually das fucken Gross, fam. lemme first go and brush my tongue then singe my mouth with a swish of listerine or smth, jeez), lemme take y'all through an utterly fabulous seven hours or so. Before I really maxed out my socialising quotient and decided to bolt home and burrow in my Cave Of Solitude. a.k.a my bedroom, with the doors shut and the lights off. Why do I feel better recharging myself in pitch black darkness?? Is it coz I'm Scorpio or just plain insane?


Bender knows what's up...

Real talk, I relate to the above so damn much lol. Don't know how many times I've caught myself practically screaming that in my head while I'm still out with friends/family/a date and all I want is to just be like "BYE BYE u kno i love spending time wit u but right now i gOTZ 2 GO lol TALK TO U IN ABOUT 8 - 12 HOURS WHEN IM READY TO SOCIALISE AGAIN XOXO"


I woke up today close to 12 noon to my grandma telling me that two people were at the door, claiming to be my "classmates" lmao. Dragged myself outta bed groggy and disoriented af coz I was literally up in that REM cycle like, deepest level, in the midst of a very vivid dream and everything. Whilst rushing to get myself decent (brushing my teeth coz my mouth dun been thru a full slumber's worth of stank; putting a bra on coz i ain't tryna visually assault my guests with the sight of my tiddy bress and stiff nipples)(coz i just be cold n stuff and my nipples are hard for no reason ok IT'S NOT COZ I'M THAT EXCITED TO WELCOME MY VISITORS OKAY WTF)(it's really times like this where i wonder what the actual Fuck im sharing on the internet for a bunch of strangers to read), I was trying so hard to figure out who it was, out of the very select few people on this Earth who actually know of my exact address like. I honestly was quite nervous and befuddled??

At one point my semi-conscious, half-blind (i sleep with eye shades on and the tightness (ha ha) of it usually makes my vision blurry for a good 30 minutes into first waking up) and VERY paranoid self even thought it was a pair of strangers here to arrest me. Or just take me away and throw me into a dungeon or smth, idk. I was so scared lol

Anywhozzles it turns out it was good ol' Joyce and Thomas. :')))

Aren't they the cutest lol ♡♡~~~

Ban Mian Crew fo' LYFE.

Seeing as she was my ex-editor and supervisor at work, Joyce actually dipped into the company records to see what my home address was filed on record as.

Such a strange, heartwarming feeling mixed with a slight tinge of privacy invasion lmao

For lunch we headed to Ah Bong's Italian, a super quaint concept kitchen I've quite literally been ACHING to try out ever since discovering it and writing about it for one of the favourite articles I've produced so far :))

Fancy schmancy food served in a kopitiam setting with dirt cheap prices is such a good concept!!!! I LIVE FOR IT <3 $$ #youngmoney #cashmoney


Tomasz: crabmeat mac & cheese, $12 (fancy as HECK, right??! there was like a ridiculous abundance of ACTUAL crab meat, not even the shitty imitiation kind. wot da hell. how they're managing to turn a profit with these high quality ingredients at low lowww prices, i'll never know).

Joysicles: haebi aglio olio, $8. with actual dried shrimp chilli and all. HOW SWAGGY IS DAT (answer: Very)

Me: black pig bacon and charred wombok linguine, $8 (we spent a good chunk of our time together just straight up trying to figure out what a "wombok" is. turns out it's just a type of Chinese cabbage, and not wombat meat like what i'd pictured in my head).


Afterwards we headed to Chapter 55 for some Aircon & Chill. It's like Netflix & Chill, except we don't stare at a screen for 120 seconds before deciding to Fornicate.

We saw Thomas' actual soul mate, no biggie. Just casually wearing couple shirts, 100% unplanned and a pure co-inky-dink!!!1

(she did already have a husband and not one but TWO tiny tots by her side tho...whoop C daisy)


Soon after I had to dash off to Clarke Quay to meet Ian, who introduced me to yet another bomb ass cafe today that was so amazing, I was damn near brought to tears.

Seriously tho, this boy is the reason behind me even knowing of Paddy Hills, Strangers' Reunion and muhfuckin' LOLA'S. All recommendations worth their weight in absolute gold. His cafe game is STRONK as all hell!!!!!

This cafe is simply called Punch, and the interior design really had me floored (haha, u like dat lil architecture pun? lmao)(i need help)

I know my shitty photography skillz don't do the place justice, but Punch had mad vibes, yo. Maaaaad vibes!! T^T

We spent like, close to three hours just sittin there and soaking up the atmosphere. Had some really good food & drank and we talked our asses off. So much laughter, so much to catch up on. Oh yeah, did I mention that the last time we actually saw each other in real life was like...10,000 years ago?

loljks but seriously. It was way back in June of '16 and even then, it was only a short hi-bye kinda dealio coz I was just there to visit while he worked at Stranger's Reunion. Our last proper hangz was like, what. 2014? God damn.

What I wanna say to you that time is a frickin' man-made illusion.

The best types of friendships are when you can hit "unpause" any time and it's like nothing has changed. Be it time or distance apart, the amount could be unbearable in theory. You think that it's not something you and your pal can get past, and y'all just stop trying at some point. Not this bitch, though!! (im talking about myself lol)

I tweeted, texted, and commented on his Instagram posts steadily every few months or so telling his Shrek-lovin' ass to meet up with me once both of our schedules allowed it.

So the stars finally aligned, and he found time despite being in the army right now while I found time despite juggling uni and freelance work ok I'm not even gonna front like I'm a busy woman lmao I'M JUST FUCKEN LAZY ALL THE TIME. So if I actually make the effort to put on pants and a bra to go out and meet you, you KNOW that the desire to have your company is real lol

It's been so long since we last saw each other's faces other than on social media postings, and upon getting reunited? BOOM. Pick up right where we left off.

We had this spectacular meal to share... (ya i can't stop freaking eating sia lol FOOD IS SO GOOOD)

Ian's earl grey pancakes and chai latte (the lil cup was so kewt teehee:

I found the pancakes a lil too dry and thick (oooh, she thicc! lmao) for my liking but holy SHIT, the accompanying syrup was all sorts of amazing. Rich and aromatic, idk if they put black sugar in it or what but the taste sensation was just something several notches above regular syrups.

Comes topped with a poached pear dunked in chocolate, too. The earl grey tea leaves were generously embedded into the pancake batter. Really fancy and a lovely choice for any tea-time treat, tbh.

I got myself their special grilled cheese sandwiches served with tomato soup, as recommended by Ian.

Initially I was like, wtf. How basic. But when it was served, everything from the adorable pint-sized presentation to the mind-blowing fragrance just made me want to cri n die

In the best way possible!!

Grilled cheese is pretty foolproof but damn, these were on some next level shiet. Jam-packed with melty goodness of gruyere and emmental, the toast was crispy and gorgeously caramelised.

Shoutout to the lil bowl of tomato soup, btw. Y'all know I'd rather flick my tongue back and forth Satan's actual asshole (i m so sorry for this imagery lol IT'S JUST A METAPHOR BTW) than eat a tomato but yo...this soup was beyond STELLAR.

I've no idea what sort of god-level ingredients and culinary expertise they used to whip up this magical concoction but...I fucking couldn't get enough. Licking the bowl clean type o' shit. Tasted and smelled like a good lasagna sauce...but it was a delicious slurpy soup. Holy fuck it was SO GOOD. Marry me pls, @chefwhomadethisbowlofperfection.

Oh yeah I also got this beautifully swirled glass of iced latte which made me so hyped up on caffeine I had to get off the stool and just...stand on my two feet and maintain an upright position lest I implode and DIE right there and then lmao

'twas good tho. ☻


I know that throughout the past few years, I keep saying shit about how "grateful" and "hashtag BLESSED" I am to the point where it starts to lose it's "special" effect. But, yo. Real talk. Today was bomb.

And life isn't about waiting around for some epic moments and grand occasions. The simplest joys can very well be the Greatest.

Aight, Imma stop rambling on about LIFE before I get all up in mah feelz lol


tysm for reading. i hope u know you're swaggy af :'))

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