Sunday, 22 January 2017

hooked on dat BONG.

...Ah Bong, that is. Ah Bong's Italian.

i live in Singapore lol, dafuq u thought?? #PUGSNOTDRUGS

About a whole year since I'd known of their existence and wanted to head down myself and try it out, I finally did. And now I can't stop :')

Their plates are so quaint and lovely. But when you're seriously craving some delicious carbs in your gullet, plastic boxes and cutlery really won't get in the way of much :)

My class on that day only started at 2pm, so I had ample time to whiz down and tabao myself a good ass breakfast. Actually...I was sort of on the fence about making the effort but once I saw their Pastas Of The Day posted on Facebook, my gluttonous body just mobilized itself against my consciousness tbh

Their menu changes daily, so make sure to keep track of it all online! My embarrassing fangirl self actually refreshes their page constantly once the clock hits 10am and they're open for business lol. And did you know they close at 2 in the afternoon?? Daaaamn. That's like my usual wake-up time if I don't have any school/work that day huehuehue. I'm assuming their more popular pasta choices get sold out well before closing time, too.


Broccoli pesto (YAAAAS fuk me up fam i LOOOVE me some BROCC)(oli) and black pig bacon (black pig?? BLACK PIG?????!! but hell yea it was some good ass, lean and crispy savoury bacon) linguine.

Pesto is sooooo good, y' How can basil and olive oil and cheese taste so straight up PHENOMENAL when mixed together in a sedimentary (i almost typed "sedentary" lol wtf GET ACTIVE, U LAZY PESTO!!) paste?? So fucken good...god damn it.


Y'all...this was some special shit right dere.

I freaking love me some corn (ok in all honesty what food do i NOT like and get way too excited about lol)(tomatoes...probably)(not dick tho, i Love dick! lol jks, that's not a food. teehee!) and this one had CHARRED. CORN. CHARRED!!!!!!!!

So sweet and caramelised with that gloriously delicate smokey flavour like mmmmmm YAAAAS KWEEN!!!! FUCK ME UP WIT DAT GOOD SHIET

My goal in life is to taste one of those amazing looking street-style grilled corns (a quick goole search has alluded to the fact that the delicacy actually hails from Mexico and is called "elote". das neat!) with lashings of seasoning and MELTED. FUCKING. CHEESE, like holy SHIT. WHo even gave u permission to unleash something so perfect upon the world?????!

Here, look at it:


i died, tbh.

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