Sunday, 8 January 2017

CHIMELONG ’16: New Room + ZOO!

After one night, we decided to switch to the newer wing of the hotel due to some issues with our room. Had to part with my beloved Mexican villa bathroom, too. :’))

Ta-ta for now~~!

Lobby, looks way different in the daytime :)

Freaking toting around so much shit...and we ain't even started shopping yet lol gg well played

New room!

View from da 4th (or as some people call it, 4rd lol) floor lift lobby~


We took the buggy to go to Xiangjiang Safari Park. What really blew my mind was the self-drive animal trail, where cars literally roam amongst the wildlife?? Kind of freaky, but we were on a doorless, windowless buggy instead of an actual sheltered car, so that was a whole ‘nother situation altogether lol

It’s just gonna be animal pics from here on out, so if that ain’t of interest to ya, you can skedaddle. I won’t mind lol, I swear.

If it helps in persuading you to stay and mindlessly scroll thru da shots of wildlife tho, the zookeeper shuttling us around actually gave us a big stack of bread to feed the critters. Which is totes FORBIDDEN by regular guests, btw!! but we in the ~*in crowd*~ like that, so yeah.

Here's us (me and my sis riding in the back seat) being shook™ coz the animals realised we had food on board and came CHARGING towards our unprotected asses D;

Here's us being Shook once again just coz it's SO fun to ride da buggy!! woohooooo!!

It was such a cool winter's morning, too. So much wind in your hair!! FEEL DAT BREEZE UPON YO FACEEEEE

Albino kangaroo! hehe so kewtz

And this regular one,

Str8 chillin like a real G.

Y'all, we actually saw the joey emerging from the pouch like AYY waddup foolz

But the buggy drove away and I couldn't snap a shot of the cute joey's tiny adorable squishy face in time :'))

You can still spot the legs and tail, doe! Look:


I just found this sight so pretty, look at that contrast. The birds are in such a spectacular shade of red, me favourite colour!!!!!! #nobodyasked

These mofos were aggressive as HELL tho. Like. chill, b.

Dey be all up in yer face like...damn. y so confrontational bro


i almost had a heart attack T^T

meanwhile Mr. Buggy Driver was just like lololol chill frenzz it k00l, the creature Will Not eat ü

Step 1:

Step 2:

tfw the act of taking a selfie with me is so horrendous that da zebra had to flee immediately afterwards lmao

my new friends. (completely one-sided, btw)

don't leave!!!!! LOVE ME.  PLEASE

I freaking loved the bears. Given their size and might, they could easily smash u to death in 0.08 seconds. But they were so big and fluffy too!!

Can I also add at this point that the sun bears were on some next level shit. They started waving at us when we stopped the buggy to take pictures of them!!!!1 WHAT TEH FUCK!!!!!!!

Y'all are too pure T^T i don't deserve this!!!!

Real talk tho, that shit was so adorable and caught me completely off-guard. My heart* almost exploded right there and then

*got too excited whilst typing and spelled "heart" as "e art". yes it's true my e art also came close to exploding Lol

Hippos! One of my fave animals. So cute and goofy looking yet so dangerous lmao

For those of y'all who didn't know, hippopotamus in Chinese is called 河马 (hé mǎ), which translates literally to "river horse" So cute right!!! lololololol

Clean ones

Dirty ones.

Alpacas lookin like fluffy lumps of turd, available in an assortment of colours! :D

Aight das all, you da real MVP if you stuck around this far!

Here's a koala pic for you :)

Love yaaaaa~~! <3

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