Sunday, 29 January 2017

East Side Mexicana

This one glorious Sunday a couple weeks back, my dear sweet beloved Kim took Thomas and I around the east side of the island. We casually mentioned that she has to bring us to the best food spots coz it's her turf, and that we were relying heavily on whether her recommendations would be solid or not. This girl actually wrote down a full itinerary and list of places on a pretty purple post-it note! Holy shit. Wish I could've shown you guys that precious slip of paper. Actually, wish I could've kept that golden ticket of bomb ass restaurants and cafes to check out myself. Better than any online guide ever, I'd say. Coz it's got Kim's personal seal of approval :')

Us at the last stop of the day, some Acai health nut #fitspo #cleaneating cafe. It was a tiny establishment and pretty good for cozy conversation once we managed to snag that cramped little wooden table to huddle up over.

This here, was the start of the day's expeditions.

Meeting spot was Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, some classic old-fashioned coffee shop that I really have never seen with my own eyes before, much less have the honour of being in and soaking up the lovely atmosphere.

Kim got me a delicious chocolate cupcake, coz she's a frickin' McAngel like that and I really do McLove her to absolute bits. Although small and finished up in a matter of bites, the tasty treat was unlike any other cupcake I've shoved down my pie hole (my pie hole is a lie hole, haha), no lie. It just tasted so...Traditional, yknow?

Their Instagram tag is just a kaya lover's wet dream come ( true tbh.

Would've loved to sample the award-winning kaya butter buns from Chin Mee Chin, but our limited stomach space had to be reserved for carbs of another kind. So, on to the next spot!

featuring Thomas' buff ass me about as wet as those quesadillas, damn. leaking all over the plate and shiettt lol

Lower East Side Taqueira for some Mexican grub! a.k.a A reason for me to carry on living in this world where an actual monster can become presidents of the United States. smh.

Pictured above are my carne asada tortilla dips. Fucking fantasmo, as you can well imagine. That amount of melted cheese? Beans and meat sauce underneath? Fuuuuck, man. Gotta love that shit.

Kim's halibut tacos, with actual heaving SLABS of fresh fish fillet. Talk about quality!

My baby: deep-fried spicy mozzarella sticks.

Bellisimo~ ❤

Lunch was stellar on all accounts, from food (duh) to conversation (i love them both so much omg), even the playlist at the Taqueria. Freaking I Know You Want Me by Pitbull (Mr Worldwide!) got me bopping in my seat whilst downing quesadillas and shiet. Def not good for digestion, but it was some fun timezz

Anywho, next stop was this super duper fancy gelato boutique.

I shit you not, the selection was so exorbitantly priced that each of us asked to try one sample spoonful and, having satisfied our dessert cravings from just that one minuscule nibble,

We bolted.

#noragrets lol

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