Sunday, 12 March 2017

gettin dem stuffed toys then GETTIN STUFFED. (with food lah sial...u sicko)

Some time back, I had the honour of receiving first-hand tutelage from the Arcade Ninja™ himself, Umehara Keiji.

Now, you know how most people would just plonk a coupla coins into a crane machine and hope for the best, probably having already braced themselves for epic failure because these damn things are pretty much ~impossible~ to beat? Like, the cute lil plush toys stole your heart and for a split second in time, you'd think that you might actually be able to snag it but NOPE. Dem grabby metal claw things be flimsy af so that's a proper meal's worth of tokens down the drain as you walk away all defeated, heading back to Loserville where you belong.

Well. Here's what Chris, Keiji and Fauzi managed to win in the short amount of time we spent there.

And that's just the stuff for ME, mind you! They caught some stuff to bring home for themselves, too.

If you haven't already picked up on it, the Sunday Boyz possess god-like skills when it comes to crane games. Last year they went on a trip to Japan and came back with entire suitcases stuffed with their stuffed toy loot.

I'm so extraordinarily bad at it (no matter how much i try to ~be the crane~) that I'd just come to the conclusion that ALL crane games are rigged and that arcade owners are big time con artists out to scam our precious moolah with their brightly lit cages housing adorable plush critters.

Still can't believe Chris caught A Big One literally on the first try...

legendary gif from a STELLAR vid

Us, tbh.


Afterwards, we celebrated viking style with a Japanese buffet dinner at Hifumi.

I LOVE HIFUMIIIIII!! So many good appetizers...all waiting to be downed on an excessive level by HUGE GLUTTONS a.k.a yours truly.

Their mains are pretty fab, too!

Their specials of the month were an assortment of omu rice dishes, so obvsss I had to snag myself a taste of them before they were gone!

Here's my beef demi glace omu rice, reeeally tasty sauce and the beef was pretty bomb as well. Caramelised onions were amaaazing <3

I love omu rice so much!! Who doesn't love fluffy sheets of egg??? And when you uncover it to find flavourful, non-plain but actually tasty FRIED rice? Hoooo boy.

Fauzi got the creamy (mmmmm) salmon version, the sauce was so fragrant!! Oooh, lordy.

Chris and Keiji both got the chirashi don, which I don't think was very fantastic at all lol. PSA!! Skip the chirashi don if you ever hit Hifumi up!

Chris was THE MOST disappointed one out of all of us lmao. ngl i was a lil bit scared that he would BEAT me ahhahah.

jks lol he is not A Violent

And, for the appetiser buffet:

Really crispy and delicious naan chips with curry sauce, fried chicken chunk (this was the SHIT, i tell you. it was so good i wanted to head back and just plonk like twelve pieces onto my plate, but unfortunately so many other diners had the same idea that the platter was already emptied out. /creys), cucumber (?) noodle shreds with cold veggies (this was Bad), marinated pork slice (i was pretty psyched about this one but it was so dry!!! like, i had to mix it with plain water just to chew it, frickin awful lol), takoyaki ball (not a fan of takoyaki but their's was really crispy and delicious!), and my fave: sweet potato sticks drenched in cinnamon and honey :)

Desserts!! What's better than an endless slew of sugary carbs?

(pardon the lil cup of chawanmushi there lol i was also craving some free-flow STEAMED EGG)

Tofu donut balls coated in coarse sugar, a matcha cheese cup (which was like, The Most simple dessert cup ever. it was just half an oreo biscuit at the bottom, topped off with a piping of cream cheese and sprinkled with matcha powder. still, it was so yummy that i went and grabbed some more afterwards lol. i love cream cheese!), and what looks like a squirting of turds was actually meant to be a "white chocolate panna cotta".

Panna cotta, it surely is not. But it was sweet and delicious nonetheless!

All fats and creams and sugar lol  fuk mi ded


update: still very much lovin' and enjoying the cuddly companionship of my presents :')

The size is SO optimal for squishy hugging goodness, oh lord.

Seeing this giant-headed qtpatootie first thing in the morning is pretty gr8.

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