Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Jolliest Of Bees. ♡

For the most part, I cruise through life with simultaneous soul-numbing depression and heart-pounding anxiety swirling within me. It's a loathsome combination, and by no means do I consider it a "quirky" and "special" aspect of my being. Unlike the way I see some people trying to romanticise mental illness these days, painting their own imaginations of actual issues as if it's some sort of fucking fashion trend to put on display.

I've pretty much learned to just live with my condition.

But when it's bad enough that I catch myself verbalising my rapid downfall to somebody else? Hoo boy. That's when I know.

It's good ol, Crash And Burn time™! Gather all ye kids, c'mon and enjoy the show! :-D

And so I had to engage in some crisis aversion, ASAP. The ever-effective F.F & F method. Which stands for Fast Food & Friends.

Are you surprised that it doesn't include Fucking? lol

But yeah, can't have my emotionally unstable ass self sobbing on some poor random guy's dick mid-coitus, that would just be impolite of me. Unless, of course, it's his fetish. In which case..........i would definitely kinkshame him and gtfo. Like,,. get some help fam.

Hit my beloved Kim up for some Jollibee (coz it's considerably harder to feel sad when fried chicken skins are being introduced to your stomach) on a day where I was feelin particularly Done with life.

Getting out of bed and actually dragging my decaying body out of the house for some fresh air.
Inserting myself into civilization even though the mere thought of being around other humans makes me gag.
Purposefully exploring the land, even if it is within a confined area that isn't of much established significance, to remind myself of how beautiful the world is.

The meeting point was Lucky Plaza. In the few short minutes of strolling from the train station down Orchard Road, I realized what a whiney bitch I would be to take for granted that I have Singapore to call home.

Sidenote: People come from all over the entire freaking globe just to experience these tourist hot spots that I could jolly well visit every single damn DAY, if I so pleased.

Everything's beautiful, clean, and safe as shit. Public transportation may be a pain in the ass sometimes (lord knows that MRT delays have made me late for many a dick appointment! and uni classes lah, but still. #priorities lol)(im kidding) but it makes the whole country accessible as BALLS?? Like. Anywhere I wanna venture to, I can hop on a train or bus and imma be there. Fucking love that shit.  /end of sidenote

Jollibee is bomb as hell. Did I mention my meal was like, less than five bucks altogether?

Inclusive of a creamy chocolate sundae for $1.50. Happiness in a cup, basically.

And to my dear, sweet Kim. I literally want to punch,, you in the feckin FACE for how much help and support you've bestowed upon me. That's how grateful I am. The emotions that I hold for you in my heart are too damn str0nk to not be conveyed any way other than violent FORCE.

(old pic coz i was too emo on that day to snap a selfie lol)
(also coz my face and body had a severe lack of actual skin due to Extreme Eczema xoxo™ #funtimez)

Thank You. ❤

u r doin me a Real Big Love n lifelong friendship™

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