Sunday, 5 March 2017

Late-Night Cravings & Satisfactions.

Brothers Ramen @ Tanjong Pagar. Their homemade chilli oil is a downright BLESSING for my taste buds. Definitely worth the fully activated sinuses and a mouth that feels like it's been set on raging fire (Y)


Since the early 2010s where I'd steadily blog about most of the meals I ate and snapped shots of – I'm talking way back in the day where I really spouted endless cringey ass nonsense like my bo liao teenage self depended on it to physically function – I've constantly gotten feedback that my food posts have induced many a hunger pang. Typically late into the night, where my peepz (i don't say this enough but THANK YOU to each and every set of eyeballs (and the sentient owners to which you belong! lol) reading right now, to have taken time out of your day to find my random musings worthy of your perusal really does mean a lot to me ☺) have the luxury of time to snuggle up in bed and scroll through this shitty webpage of mine for a willy-while™ before nodding off to bed.

Except they don't fall asleep so easily. Not when their tummies are growling relentlessly for the visual feast that lies behind their phone or laptop screen.

And I'm here to tell y'all...Yo. I feel dat.

The most vivid personal recollection that comes to mind is one night in Poly Year 1 where I was just STARVING...and sleepless. It wasn't the kind of hunger that could be satiated by a bowl of plain rice, yknow? It was a craving for something DELICIOUS. Something carb-loaded and filling, sure. But also a meal of epic proportions so tantalizing to your eyes, nose and lips (what am i, taeyang? lol)(if i were i would totes Fuck Myself tho, jus sayin'.) taste buds, it almost feels like a sin.

Tossing and turning in bed til the wee hours of da morn' (keep in mind i had an 8am lecture the next day. which is ACTUALLY a sin), my absolute genius of a brain decided to log onto, and just look.

At all the drool-fucking-worthy images of piping hot pizza, melted cheese still gooey and oozing everywhere. With toppings from crunchy capsicum (yeah, i eat my vegetables like a grown woman who prioritizes nutrients, what's your problem? if you just went "ugh" or "blehh" in disgust, stop whining like a lil BABY and get yo daily dose of vitamin A, C and D. 几岁了,还这样?!)(says the bitch who would rather lick the underside of a kopitiam table than ingest a single sliver of tomato lol) to the meaty goodness of pepperoni, roast chicken and ground beef, I really was wrapped up in my blankie just Crying n Dying

Just goes to show that we as humankind are big ol' Dumbos who actively set out to do shit that we pretty much already KNOW is gonna hurt us. And then we do the damn thing and we feel the damn pain and actually think to ourselves, "oh, gee! dis is actually A Bad Time. now why'd i do dat¿‽"




Cheesy pesto salmon balls, from Pizza Hut @ Harbourfront! I never thought I'd live to say that I willingly placed "salmon balls" into my mouth-hole. They were aight. A little dry, would've been utter shit if not for the tangy salsa dip to up the ~wetness~ levels teehee

Think it cost like $7.90 for that paltry bowl of five. And that's before GST! It's like one of those dishes you just have to try once for the sake of it, and afterwards it's like Okie Dokie. Never ordering that again lol. Am gonna happily stick to my hefty chunks of actual salmon from here on out :')

Brother Bird @ Bugis. This avocado soft serve with gula melaka drizzle cost like $7.50. Ok FIRST OF ALL. I don't even like gula melaka (a.k.a palm sugar). I am, however, a fan of avocado. And I was really just craving some sweet and creamy soft serve INSIDE me, ja feel??

To be fair, this portion is huge as a mofo and certainly more than enough to be shared between two. But I went with Kim who is lack toast and tolerant and I had to down it all by mah self :'( Got jelak, way too quickly. It gives you the kind of bloated feeling where a single mouthful over your limit will send you straight into Merlion state.

Barfing. I'm talking 'bout barfing.

On da flipside. this glorious meal that tasted fantastic and was portioned just enough to satiate mah tum-tum:

...was only $3.50.


Some random kopitiam stall @ Bukit Merah. I remember I was so broke that day I didn't even have spare change to get a refreshing iced beverage, so I just downed the entire bowl of (delicious, btw) soup on the side and let that quench my thirst huehuehue


From the Japanese food basement @ Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City, Orchard). I ain't even get to eat any of this, but it looks adorable as all hell so yeah. Enjoy the view!! Take it all in. Bakeries are the bomb <3

Not even gonna lie to y'all, I was depressed as FOOOOK on the day I had this meal. My skin was self-destructing on me from every body part imaginable, immune system was collapsing just as rapidly as my psychological state, it was VALENTINE'S DAY (fuck that shit, tbh), I was stressed out and tired as absolute DONGS because of uni. Life was just a mess, fam.

Then I decided to haul my weary, incredibly lonely and all-out miserable ass to Coco Ichibanya @ Plaza Singapura to enjoy a wonderful ~*solo*~ lunch. A lil bit harder to stay sad when you're shovelling piping hot mouthfuls of chewy Japanese rice and crispy fried chicken down your gullet! Drenched in sweet and spicy Jap-style curry and, did I mention? MELTED, GOOEY, MOZZARELLA. So much cheese, oh my flippin' goodness.

There was also a semi-decent view of traffic, both on the road and of the human variety. And I got to soak up plenty of sunshine and vitamin D (teehee lol) at my window seat.

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