Thursday, 20 April 2017

To Artbox or Not To Artbox.

Artbox Singapore: Bringing a Lil Bit of Bangkok to the (Marina) Bay
(not really)(not at all, actually)

Go if: You have extreme FOMO and die-die must go there just to snap some OOTDs and post it on the 'Gram with the Artbox location tag

Do not go if: You are capable of rational thinking

Here's what you can expect! :D

Standing still in a sea of sweating strangers. Yeahhh that's about it.

I shit you not, tho. The crowd does NOT budge. Wanna sneak a peek at a particular shop display that's caught your fancy? Too bad. You ain't getting anywhere near enough to spot the prices ($8 for a bottle of colourful sugar water, probably).

Yearning for some cheap Thai street munchies to satiate your grumbling tummy and hopefully quell the rage within you after a slew of aunties elbow your ribs and *TSK* at your annoying millennial self for simply existing? Good luck tryna find the queue to actually join lol

Why did people bring elderly and lil babies in prams, tbh. I just......Seriously?? Every one of 'em I happened to come across looked so miserable being squashed by throngs of energetic youths :( THERE IS NOTHING FOR THEM THAT WILL BRING THEM JOY!!

Prepare a Marina Barrage picnic for them or something. Or go to the Flower Dome at Gardens By The Bay, right around the corner! Got aircon somemore.

It was a fucking battlefield on the Artbox grounds. I don't think senior citizens, of all people, are after a humid afternoon of bopping to Coldplay ft. The Chainsmokers blasting right into their ear canals while taking Snapchat vids of themselves "smoking" the Dragon's Breath dessert??

Highlight of the day: This magnificent grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with diced bacon cubes. Think it was 5 bucks or something. So tasty I almost shat on the grass fields, right there and then.

I also bought a bottle of authentic™ Thai green milk tea, shit was so robust both in terms of flavour and aroma. Suuuper good. Tea game str0nk to the point where I couldn't open my damn eyes fully, as you can see lol

The stall was run by actual Thai people, downright lovely, as you would expect. Incredibly warm and friendly service. Hope they were treated well by us impatient Singaporean brats huehuehue

Main takeaway of this whole post: Don't do it, brah. Just do not.

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