Saturday, 1 April 2017

✧ prettyyyy~~ ✧

I cannot......,,..believe........ .  . ., only took a grand total of

12 dollars and 65 CENTZZZ,

, for me to transform my ugly ass, BASIC ass, boring grey slab of metallic hardware into a paradise for my pair of eyes.

When will I stop being a slut for pastel, paddlepop watercolour aesthetics tbh (answer: Never)

I'm pretty sure that the keyboard skin alone would cost you ten bucks MINIMUM at most of those Toy Outpost/general box rental stores. And those are just for Macbooks! How you gonna find one for an obscure Asus laptop, huh? H0W???¿¿

How'd I even manage to use it in its hideous ass original state for months on end tbh...Looking like some straight up ENGINEER shit.

ya das my foot...stfu ok i was filming it with one hand and holding the laptop screen in the other 

No shade to engineers tho lol y'all have some supremely mathematical and technical minds that are on some !next-level! brilliance. The good lord knows that my E8-for-'O'-Level-maths-scoring ass would never be able to BEGIN fathoming the kind of jargon and technological marvels y'all live and breathe every day. Plus I fucked a couple of engineers in my time, from tertiary level students to working professionals in the industry so yeah :) Pretty good, pretty good.......hAHAH

Keyboard cover available here. Soooo many designs, including gradients OH, MY~! Simply DELIGHTFUL lol
Laptop sticker available here.

It appears that my particular pastel watercolour design is tragically out of condolences xoxo

But there's still a bunch of other gorgeoussss sticker designs so yeah. Knock yourself out!

Life's too short to not be fuckin FANCY, ja feel?? ;) xoxo muahh luhh yaaaaa <3

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