Thursday, 6 April 2017

sad memes coz lao niang sad af

Been too damn long since I did one of these meme compilations, and I have way too much shit saved up in my folders. I'm talking like a ratio of 1:74 for actual uni files versus DUMB ASS MEMES. Found myself having to delete lecture notes from this currently ongoing semester just to free up space on my hard drive for more memes about fucking procrastination and Depression. gg, well played.

#relatable. in a state of readiness for death whenever lol. kill me ples

When the two of 'em combine like PREPARE FOR DA TROUBLE and mAKE IT THE DOUBLE,, nice nice. lagi best (Y)

hahahahaha truuuuuu

how am i both the Whiney Bitch™ and the psychologist at the same time lol

LOLLL this isn't a sad meme i just thought it was so cute huehuehue

ya this one's sad coz it's Tru

this one's just coz i was a victim of extreme visual trauma and i felt that i shouldn't suffer alone so yep. hope y'all enjoy it xo

Can i get an exchange or a refund pls. on /my life/

lol sameee.

and, last but not least,

How dare u.

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