Monday, 29 May 2017


Here is another instalment of Food Pics I Done Taken & Words I Done Tippy-Typed Out About 'Em.

Shoyu aburi salmon sushi.

Lovely flavour from the soy sauce glaze, and I appreciate those tiny slivers of red chilli so much! Provides a sizeable spice explosion in yo mouth without getting too crazy. Paired with wasabi? Hoooo boy. There's like, LEVELS to the flames. So complex. So delicious.


When I was a lil kid, I only ever ate buns from neighbourhood bakeries or BreadTalk. One day when I was about seven or so, my family brought me to Liang Court and I visited Four Leaves Bakery for the first time. Had one of these babies and it legit BLEW my underdeveloped childhood mind lol, no joke.

Super creamy, the ham gives it lotsa savouriness and the mushroom bits were chewy. Onion chunks and chopped herbs packed the sauce with SO much flavour I actually had to hold back tears. Glazed bun was sweet and bouncy, too.

I mean, if I remember it from over a fucking decade ago, it must be somethin' else right? Huehue


Was not kidding when I said Saizeriya is my go-to for cheap and good eatz.

This here is a platter of pork slivers, chicken parm with brown sauce, potato wedges and good ol' boiled corn kernels.

For less than 9 bucks.

What in the fuck


I didn't get to eat any of this but I walked by the display and my jaw just about fell to the gotDAMN ground.

How gorgeous are those mounds of meringue??

I need to work extra hard to make sure Future Me can afford the $*luxury*$ of eating whipped egg whites tinged with sugar and dyed into pastel hues xoxo

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

china 快餐。

kuaì cān

Literally translates to "speedy meal".

I spent the last few days of 2016 in Guangzhou, and lemme just tell y'all that eating fast food in China (other than the major international brands like McDonald's and KFC) was a bit of a trip in itself.

Did you know that on top of the usual deep-fried goodies like nuggets, chicken wings and french fries,

You could also dig into a piping hot, homestyle meal that's a staple in any Chinese household?

This was a plate of diced chicken and mushroom chunks. Super simple base ingredients that, when tossed in some sesame oil, soy sauce and a dash of other classic seasonings, tasted pretty damn superb.

The set meal comes with plain white rice, a side of veggies (mmmm, how nutritious! #datfiberDOE), and a vat of lovingly boiled soup. Very hearty indeed, and it'll remind you of the dinners Grandma used to whip up!

My mum ordered the 梅菜扣肉 (pork belly in preserved vegetables) equivalent, and check out how ridonkulously FATTY the meat was! Jeezus.

It's like 96% jelly fats lmao. I CAN'T.

But the preserved veggies were super fragrant tho! So was the pork belly, or at least the lean bits which I'd dare to actually ingest lol.

Ahh, yes. It is my dream, too, to "satisfy 100". Just by being my dainty self! huehuehuehue

For dessert, we had this towering glory of an egg waffle:

Piped with fresh cream (the light and delicately sweet kind, not the "heavy" and cloying variety that tastes like OIL. bleugh) and jammed with oreo biscuits, maltesers, and 黑白配 (my fucking childhood LOVE, i tell u) chocolate wafers. Good shit, y'all. That was some gooood shiet.

We also went to a quaint lil bakery afterwards!

Their cheese tarts were pretty bomb. And cheap, too! 3.5 yuan is like, fucking 70 Singapore cents?? Jesus christ. Local cheese tarts are like $2++ a pop, MINIMUM.

Ham and cheese sammich~~

But with french toast instead of just plain bread! Oooooh, fancy~

THIS right here, is the ultimate way of reducing food wastage lol. Carbs are freaking delicious, man. Why throw 'em away? I'll admit that I cut the crusts off mah bread but toasted to crunchy caramelised flavour and aroma? I'm sure they'd make a nifty snack!

Monday, 15 May 2017

PUNCH me daddy (not really lol)

I fucking love PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!! It's a cafe, fyi. But yeah, it's gr8.

(ok honestly i engage in the "daddy" meme for kicks and giggles coz it's 100% IRONIC USAGE but is2g i just KNOW that after this trend is over im gonna look back at this tragedy of a post title and just Die)

First blogged about this awesome establishment back in JANuary (where i was introduced to Punch by (Ian) JANuarius, ayyyyy lol), one of my best days ever. Great start to one of my best YEARS ever, WOOHOOOO!! FUCK YEAH! lol

Shocked mah damn self by ordering something that !!doesn't Contain Meat!?!??! :O

/flabbergastation ensues/

Probs coz it was my first meal o' the day (actually i did used to eat Beef Lasagna for breakfast back in my poly days so...nevermind lol) and it was at the height of my skin problems where doctors and specialists would all advise me to refrain from consuming poultry, red ALL the good stuff, essentially.

That was not a happy time for me, no sir. :')

I can't believe how 3 simple ingredients off EGG, BREAD and AVOCADO can combine to create such a wonderful party on my tastebuds, yaaaas~! Tingle, tingle! hehe

The egg yolk was really rich, and the avocado sort of had this heavily earthy flavour which was perfectly balanced out by some squirts (lol) of the lemon juice. They grilled the lemon wedge btw, w0w. How next-level is that?

Toasted sourdough was just lovely, straight up. Very crunchy and not too hard to chew on. Best part was that it supported the weight of all the hefty ingredients atop of it. Bravo, you marvellous piece of carbohydrates, you!

Gotta be honest wit y'all, though. It was pretty fucking lacking on the flavour front (coz #cleaneating huehuehue) so I doused the absolutely SHIT out of it with lashings of salt and pepper before taking each bite.

It tasted fab, it filled my tum-tum right up, no complaints! :-D

Joyce's iced latte.

She ordered some Healthy&Wholesome™ oatmeal porridge thingy, with bananas and whatnot. Check out that golden caramelization on dem 'nanas, hot dAMN. Fookin brilliant, eh?

Not as flawlessly executed, however, was her pouring of da accompanying Milk.

Such spillage, much w0w.

I think she lost control of her handz and miscalculated the forced needed to gently tip a bottle of liquids over into a bowl filled with cooked oats, as she was doing so with one hand only and the other holding her phone to shoot a Boomerang.

Yes. She did it for the 'Gram.


Sunday, 7 May 2017

food that i done gone & ate xo

Just shots of food that aren't gonna warrant their own post. ENJOY DA VISUAL FEAST, ya salty corndogzz!! <3

Fish & Co's signature mussels in garlic lemon butter sauce.

It really is as sinfully delicious as it looks and SOUNDS. The sauce is flavourful af, with just the right amount of lemon juice to cut through the richness and not make it jelak. Who doesn't like garlic, right? And who doesn't like BUTTER. Freaking drown me in that shit, goddamn.

Comes with a basket of cranberry bread. Super fluffy and GR8 for mopping up every last drop of that amazing gravy, unfffff.

Saizeriya solo lunch feast. Chicken strips, garlic foccacia, spicy tuna arrabiata, and a cold salad that's 80% finished coz my famished ass self couldn't wait til all the dishes arrived at the table before snapping a pic xo

Remember that cup of coffee and stray strips of fried chicken in this post's first pic (actually idk why i bothered asking. obviously it's a No. and if you DID remember, that's like some next-level stalker shit where you memorise the exact contents of my every post lol I SCARED SIA)? Yeah, that was me having the absolute Time Of My Life ™ straight up SCARFING down plate after plate of cheap ass, GOOD ASS Italian food all on my own.

As far as budget eateries go, Saizeriya is my fucking ride or die, baby. Soooo many lovely dishes at dirt cheap prices. I was getting some work done that day after satiating my mammoth hunger, and the drink bar filled me right up with endless cups of soda, lemonade, coffee and even HOT MILO.

All that...and my total bill was $14.80. I shit you not.

The world is truly amazing :')

Neighbourhood kopitiam minced mushroom (that would be the brown goop on top!) noodles. Comes with pork slivers, meatballs, and fishcake slices.

Y'all can't see it coz it's all sunken to the bottom and I hadn't tossed it yet, but there's literally a SEA of chilli sauce. And that shit was potent, too.

I told the noodle stall auntie to give me extra, EXTRA chilli coz their homemade blend is really to-die-for. Very fragrant, packs a flavour punch that you just would not believe. And every time prior that I'd gone to this stall and requested for extra chilli thus far, it was never enough!

So the lady proceeded to fill half the bowl with pure spice and...sure enough. It was adequate. To the point where I couldn't feel my fucking tongue after every three mouthfuls or so :') But good god, it was worth it. Numb mouth, throbbing lips* and all.

*i just realized how wildly inappropriate this sounds lol. the sexual connotations behind these symptoms, oh my!

English breakfast platter from D'Good Cafe (the one at Orchard, not Holland Village).

I have no idea what type of sorcery was involved but that plain little loaf of brioche that you see was...beyond incredible. So soft, so delicately sweet and chewy. It was served just toasty enough to warm through butter and melt it into a glistening golden glaze, without scalding your bare fingers.

Let me loose in a bakery where these fluffy babies are made and I'd devour them by the TRAYFUL. Good lord...I'd be like muhfuckin Squidward back there in the Patty Vault, holy shit.

Straight to my thighs and I assure you I wouldn't give two shits!

It was soooo tasty, oh my word. I'm crying right now as I type this.

Still from D'Good, some solid (as in quality, but also yeah they were Hard)(hehehe) scotch eggs.

Encased in wonderfully savoury Cumberland sausage meat, perched nicely on a bed of smashed pea puree.

In addition to lending a gorgeous hue to the dish (SHREK AESTHETIC!! <3), the peas had this lovely flavour that was muted and earthy in all the right proportions. More dishes should feature peas, tbh. Fuck those kids AND piss-baby grown-ups with immature palates who classify peas as a "gross vegetable". Grow the hell up, you, you're probably in the same category as those lil bitches who moan and groan about tofu/mushrooms/broccoli tasting yucky (LUDICROUS).

Y'all have no idea what good shiet you're missing out on. Goooood shietttt.

And finally,

Chorizo pasta from The White Button.

The name of the dish itself is simple but boy, was this a plateful of heaven for both my tummy and my taste buds.

Because of the pork sausage and abundant bell peppers, it tasted heavily reminiscent of a super supreme PIZZA. No lie, it truly was like eating a delicious pizza in noodle form. If only there were some roasted onions in the mix! That would've been bombbb.

But they tossed it in plenty of garlic, so I'm not even mad. Shit tasted superb. And it was just the right portion to fill me up without leaving me STUFFED and unable to finish it all (food wastage makes me Sad)!

Best part?

Yep...these pics and this post is an entire month overdue...coz i've been lazy as dongs lol LET A BITCH LIVE!!

But the main thing here is: What would've originally cost close to twenty bucks per plate was slashed all the way to $5.

Fuck me silly, if that didn't add a whole new dimension to my enjoyment of this glorious dish.

God is good, y'all.

#blessed xo