Tuesday, 23 May 2017

china 快餐。

kuaì cān

Literally translates to "speedy meal".

I spent the last few days of 2016 in Guangzhou, and lemme just tell y'all that eating fast food in China (other than the major international brands like McDonald's and KFC) was a bit of a trip in itself.

Did you know that on top of the usual deep-fried goodies like nuggets, chicken wings and french fries,

You could also dig into a piping hot, homestyle meal that's a staple in any Chinese household?

This was a plate of diced chicken and mushroom chunks. Super simple base ingredients that, when tossed in some sesame oil, soy sauce and a dash of other classic seasonings, tasted pretty damn superb.

The set meal comes with plain white rice, a side of veggies (mmmm, how nutritious! #datfiberDOE), and a vat of lovingly boiled soup. Very hearty indeed, and it'll remind you of the dinners Grandma used to whip up!

My mum ordered the 梅菜扣肉 (pork belly in preserved vegetables) equivalent, and check out how ridonkulously FATTY the meat was! Jeezus.

It's like 96% jelly fats lmao. I CAN'T.

But the preserved veggies were super fragrant tho! So was the pork belly, or at least the lean bits which I'd dare to actually ingest lol.

Ahh, yes. It is my dream, too, to "satisfy 100". Just by being my dainty self! huehuehuehue

For dessert, we had this towering glory of an egg waffle:

Piped with fresh cream (the light and delicately sweet kind, not the "heavy" and cloying variety that tastes like OIL. bleugh) and jammed with oreo biscuits, maltesers, and 黑白配 (my fucking childhood LOVE, i tell u) chocolate wafers. Good shit, y'all. That was some gooood shiet.

We also went to a quaint lil bakery afterwards!

Their cheese tarts were pretty bomb. And cheap, too! 3.5 yuan is like, fucking 70 Singapore cents?? Jesus christ. Local cheese tarts are like $2++ a pop, MINIMUM.

Ham and cheese sammich~~

But with french toast instead of just plain bread! Oooooh, fancy~

THIS right here, is the ultimate way of reducing food wastage lol. Carbs are freaking delicious, man. Why throw 'em away? I'll admit that I cut the crusts off mah bread but toasted to crunchy caramelised flavour and aroma? I'm sure they'd make a nifty snack!

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