Monday, 29 May 2017


Here is another instalment of Food Pics I Done Taken & Words I Done Tippy-Typed Out About 'Em.

Shoyu aburi salmon sushi.

Lovely flavour from the soy sauce glaze, and I appreciate those tiny slivers of red chilli so much! Provides a sizeable spice explosion in yo mouth without getting too crazy. Paired with wasabi? Hoooo boy. There's like, LEVELS to the flames. So complex. So delicious.


When I was a lil kid, I only ever ate buns from neighbourhood bakeries or BreadTalk. One day when I was about seven or so, my family brought me to Liang Court and I visited Four Leaves Bakery for the first time. Had one of these babies and it legit BLEW my underdeveloped childhood mind lol, no joke.

Super creamy, the ham gives it lotsa savouriness and the mushroom bits were chewy. Onion chunks and chopped herbs packed the sauce with SO much flavour I actually had to hold back tears. Glazed bun was sweet and bouncy, too.

I mean, if I remember it from over a fucking decade ago, it must be somethin' else right? Huehue


Was not kidding when I said Saizeriya is my go-to for cheap and good eatz.

This here is a platter of pork slivers, chicken parm with brown sauce, potato wedges and good ol' boiled corn kernels.

For less than 9 bucks.

What in the fuck


I didn't get to eat any of this but I walked by the display and my jaw just about fell to the gotDAMN ground.

How gorgeous are those mounds of meringue??

I need to work extra hard to make sure Future Me can afford the $*luxury*$ of eating whipped egg whites tinged with sugar and dyed into pastel hues xoxo

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