Monday, 15 May 2017

PUNCH me daddy (not really lol)

I fucking love PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!! It's a cafe, fyi. But yeah, it's gr8.

(ok honestly i engage in the "daddy" meme for kicks and giggles coz it's 100% IRONIC USAGE but is2g i just KNOW that after this trend is over im gonna look back at this tragedy of a post title and just Die)

First blogged about this awesome establishment back in JANuary (where i was introduced to Punch by (Ian) JANuarius, ayyyyy lol), one of my best days ever. Great start to one of my best YEARS ever, WOOHOOOO!! FUCK YEAH! lol

Shocked mah damn self by ordering something that !!doesn't Contain Meat!?!??! :O

/flabbergastation ensues/

Probs coz it was my first meal o' the day (actually i did used to eat Beef Lasagna for breakfast back in my poly days so...nevermind lol) and it was at the height of my skin problems where doctors and specialists would all advise me to refrain from consuming poultry, red ALL the good stuff, essentially.

That was not a happy time for me, no sir. :')

I can't believe how 3 simple ingredients off EGG, BREAD and AVOCADO can combine to create such a wonderful party on my tastebuds, yaaaas~! Tingle, tingle! hehe

The egg yolk was really rich, and the avocado sort of had this heavily earthy flavour which was perfectly balanced out by some squirts (lol) of the lemon juice. They grilled the lemon wedge btw, w0w. How next-level is that?

Toasted sourdough was just lovely, straight up. Very crunchy and not too hard to chew on. Best part was that it supported the weight of all the hefty ingredients atop of it. Bravo, you marvellous piece of carbohydrates, you!

Gotta be honest wit y'all, though. It was pretty fucking lacking on the flavour front (coz #cleaneating huehuehue) so I doused the absolutely SHIT out of it with lashings of salt and pepper before taking each bite.

It tasted fab, it filled my tum-tum right up, no complaints! :-D

Joyce's iced latte.

She ordered some Healthy&Wholesome™ oatmeal porridge thingy, with bananas and whatnot. Check out that golden caramelization on dem 'nanas, hot dAMN. Fookin brilliant, eh?

Not as flawlessly executed, however, was her pouring of da accompanying Milk.

Such spillage, much w0w.

I think she lost control of her handz and miscalculated the forced needed to gently tip a bottle of liquids over into a bowl filled with cooked oats, as she was doing so with one hand only and the other holding her phone to shoot a Boomerang.

Yes. She did it for the 'Gram.


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