Sunday, 18 June 2017

thanks to your parting words to me, my life went into a Total Blackout.

"i open my notebook.
letter by letter, the name i wrote down,
as if with my own blood."

"let me ask you one thing:
Did you try your best?

No answer.
it's like an interrogation."

"No Love.
i'll let you go without feeling anything myself.
i'll burn your everything.
i know it'll be hard for me...

but not anymore."

"No Love.
i'll let you go, far away.
i've got you burning, up in flames.
you're burning up, without a single regret."

"slowly, Burn."


The chilling oriental instrumental music...heart-thumping beat that goes hard asf. The powerful yet emotional and sincere rapping, Jessi (my love ❤)'s soulful crooning; BEAUTIFULLY heartfelt lyrics that are as moving in their native Korean as well as when translated. The dance moves, the outfits, the cinematography and this entire aesthetic overall.

Isn't it just, art?

so good and so #flawless it makes my ass throb tbh L0L  ok bye

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Unimaginable.

Yet another Facebook Memories status adaptation lol, y'all know the drill!

Shit. It's been two whole fucking years since my unofficial TSL initiation??

On top of getting to take this fangirl shot with Hirzi, I distinctly remember the nervous conversations I had with some of the "Youtube celebrities" I loved watching so much.

Sitting on the wooden bench and asking Joyce eager intern FAQs like, "What's a typical day of work like for writers?", "How long do you usually give us to finish drafting one article?". Also, gushing over how she used to be an SIA stewardess lol bitch i was ~*stARSTRUCK*~

And this one's the ultimate kicker lol. When I awkwardly got up and shuffled over to Fauzi to say, "i think i'm gonna leave first" [insert awkward smile coz i was too awkward to make my departure like a normal human but also too awkward to stick around with the rest of the gang], he handed me enough money for myself and Hirzi to take the boat from Ubin Island back to the terminal. And when I was like, "no no Fauzi i can pay for myself!", his words: "It's not from me, it's from the company. Bring our guest back! This is your first assignment as a TSL intern."


Kinda surprised I still remember those moments to this day haha

But even more in awe, and eternally thankful, that these people have somehow become irreplaceable figures in my life. Treasured friends and confidantes to whom I've bared parts of my soul I never would've imagined as just another final year media student in polytechnic binge-watching episodes of Singaporeans Try and fantasizing about how crazy it would be if I gave it a shot and actually got to try working at my dream company.

Life, man. fucking crazy lol


Past FB status blog entries:

-Valentine's Day emo edition
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Fucking emo all the time. I'm glad at least this post's a happy and triumphant one lol. Also rather magical too, if I might add!

Never underestimate the possibility of your wildest dreams coming true

Monday, 5 June 2017

Fremantle Fun Timez: Part (2/2)

Was hit by a bit of a nostalgia wave which engulfed me in ~*Perth vibeZ*~ so yeah, please enjoy the continuation of this post, of events that transpired almost a full year ago! :-D

such blogging efficiency much timeliness

very w0w

Bought some honey cakes from Fremantle Market thanks to this teensy sample which alluded to how MADDENINGLY delicious the baked goodies were. I still have sweet dreamz about it sometimes :')

Apparently Twelve Cupcakes (bakery chain in Singapore that seems to be literally everywhere) has started selling their own rendition. I wonder if it tastes anywhere as lovely!

Badass bookstore. It was super old-school and vintage!

Entire backpacks fashioned to look like big ass, colourful ass sneakers. Cute!

As the sun made its descent for the day, it was just a foot journey from the marketplace to the pier. Brace yourself for a stream of random photos taken along the way!

Dat sky doe. Hot diggity DOG.

Joe's Fish Shack and Cicerello's;

How many tens of thousands of Singaporeans do you reckon have visited these typical tourist destinations by the throng? lol

To end off this post,

the yummy honey cake (and honey cheesecake! god, DAMN it i love honey ♡) that ended a wonderful evening by filling my tum-tum up with some saccharine munchies.

Good night! :)