Monday, 5 June 2017

Fremantle Fun Timez: Part (2/2)

Was hit by a bit of a nostalgia wave which engulfed me in ~*Perth vibeZ*~ so yeah, please enjoy the continuation of this post, of events that transpired almost a full year ago! :-D

such blogging efficiency much timeliness

very w0w

Bought some honey cakes from Fremantle Market thanks to this teensy sample which alluded to how MADDENINGLY delicious the baked goodies were. I still have sweet dreamz about it sometimes :')

Apparently Twelve Cupcakes (bakery chain in Singapore that seems to be literally everywhere) has started selling their own rendition. I wonder if it tastes anywhere as lovely!

Badass bookstore. It was super old-school and vintage!

Entire backpacks fashioned to look like big ass, colourful ass sneakers. Cute!

As the sun made its descent for the day, it was just a foot journey from the marketplace to the pier. Brace yourself for a stream of random photos taken along the way!

Dat sky doe. Hot diggity DOG.

Joe's Fish Shack and Cicerello's;

How many tens of thousands of Singaporeans do you reckon have visited these typical tourist destinations by the throng? lol

To end off this post,

the yummy honey cake (and honey cheesecake! god, DAMN it i love honey ♡) that ended a wonderful evening by filling my tum-tum up with some saccharine munchies.

Good night! :)

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